Why does the media want us to become Gay?


As I occasionally do, I look at my statistics.

4 out of 11 google searches coming to my blog are about ‘why are we becoming gay?’ Or, something very similar.

And a couple were about love and family.

So, the perception of people on the web, is that love and family are not searched for as often as to ‘why’ America is turning gay.

I have been asked, “why” it concerns me.


It concerns me, because it is against my Religion, and I feel that the pressure is on my country and my culture to turn gay.

And that disgusts me, and it violates my Religion.

I am not advocating violence against homosexuals. They commit enough violence against themselves, and they do not need any help hurting themselves. But, I am advocating that we quit discriminating against families and for homosexuals.

It is clear that the ‘agenda’ is gaining ground. It is clear, to me, that in order to protect our religious freedoms, we must negotiate a truce.

That is scary enough.

But, this is the era we live in. We no longer live in a ‘Leave it to Beaver‘ world. They destroyed that world, and they are replacing it with a ‘Modern family‘ as quickly as they can.

It is not MODERN. But, it is upon us.

We should defend what we believe in before it is too late. And I think that means we should negotiate.

What do you think?



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