How to Blog, Write, or Speak ….


Over time, I will add in lots of cool stories and “how-to” articles on the subjects.

I have done all three.  Some tell me I do well.  And I know people who do much better than I do – so, I should have some guest writers.  No ghost writing.

And having done all three, I can tell you that there are some basic rules to succeed at all three:

1. Do it. Practice may not make you perfect, but it will make you a lot better. I have known people who started at Toastmaster’s and could not put two words together. Over a couple of years, they began to give great speeches. I have seen the same in the blogosphere. And several of my writer friends told me they followed a similar path as they got published.

2. Get a mentor. You can do that by email now.

3. Take classes. Toastmaster’s is cheap. You can take online classes if you need to.

4. Read. I cannot think of anything I have learned that was not from reading ….

5. Do it some more. Go write an email. Go write a message on facebook, twitter, or your blog.

6. Go read or teach at a local library, bookstore, or church …. public feedback is instantaneous. And it helps with fear of failure. Toastmaster’s is good for this, as well.

7. Hire an editor once a month ….

8. Do it.

And I “R” a geek.  So, I will also break down some of the more technical parts of the genres.  From “Why Power Point is a waste of time” to “Why should you use analytics with your blog site.”  These can take you from average to WOW!  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I almost forgot …. Analytics is a fancy term for “Web site statistics.”  It deals with everything, from “What web page referred my reader to my blog” to “How do I find out if my ‘stalker’ is checking up on me?”  Yes, you can do that.

And yes, I was that good.  I have taught some FBI level “Computer Forensic Scientists.”  But, NO, I did not teach them everything.  I doubt I added 1% …. But, I have learned a lot about blogging & internet(ing).

The data is already out there.  I have been doing this for most of the last decade.  So, as I have learned all of this from years of training, the beginning blogger or speaker doesn’t get exposed to these concepts.  Notice, I did not say advanced.  These should be basic concepts.

And if you cannot wait …. google or reading can teach you what I will …. But, come back and visit anyway …. You will teach all of us something I missed.


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  1. Aimer Shama says:

    Sounds exciting 🙂

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