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I pray for Obama

Friends, I just read this article by CNN.  Our President needs our prayers. So, does our country. But, he is in desperate shape. CNN Report. I know it sounds good to his base to say we need to hire teachers … Continue reading

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Word press is having programming issues again.

Friends, This is getting old. Word press is trying to get the number of visitors up on their web statistics. And what they chose is affecting the smaller blogger in a very negative manner. All to give their preferred bloggers … Continue reading

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Am I an American?

Friends, I wanted to title this, “I am an American.” But, that would imply accepting a definition which was changed. So, if I say, “I am an American, what does it mean to be an American?” Well, we could stick … Continue reading

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Yes Friends, Have you noticed how much we have ‘progressed?’ With all of our processed foods? ‘Poisons on a stick’ is more like it. Yes, we have ‘progressed.’ We now have to cook our chickens extra well, because our ‘modern’ … Continue reading

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If you are looking for a job, here are some jobs for you! Unlike our government, I want you to work. I know what it means to have a job. What it means to not have a job. And I … Continue reading

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10 million dollar lot without house ….

Friends, There is the ex-e-commerce developer (he went bankrupt) selling land and houses now. “When he gets tired of something, he sells it.” It sound like he is a bankruptcy a year kind of business man. Can anyone else think, … Continue reading

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America ignores the Mexico Drug War

Friends, Why does the USA ignore and encourage the Mexican Civil War? Drug War. I think that reason is a multitude of politics. First, we are actively fighting the war. We have a HUGE presence. But, our police, like all … Continue reading

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Can Hollywood lead America back?

Friends, Would the rich elite in Hollywood consider leading America back to greatness? What do you think? Would the elite media reporters lead America back to greatness? Would our politicians lead? Who is left? Only the PEOPLE …. Can “We … Continue reading

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Why is America going Fascist?

Friends, For decades America has been manipulated. Media and Hollywood have led the progressive experiment. They changed America. And they did it for power and greed, not because they wanted a homosexual America. The scary thing is they exchange wholesome … Continue reading

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Back in the USSR boy …..

Friends, Do you remember that old Beatles’ song? It is sad, but the FSU, former USSR, is doing much better than the USA in most cultural statistics. They lose in wide-spread economic gain for their people, and in bribery. Although … Continue reading

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