Along with my study of Cosmology and Cosmogony, I love to study Genesis.

I know, what the heck am I doing studying those together.  Doesn’t Science prove Genesis wrong?

Well.  That is another story.

But, first, how did I get here?  Honestly?  I was your typical American College dropout.  I was disillusioned with Church, education, and definitely with unemployment.  I became an agnostic.  And I was fast on my way to becoming an atheist.

University, High School, and lots of Sagan-esque geniuses had convinced me that Evolution was true.  I had pretty much decided that my ancestors were apes (OK, I know that is not technically true).

And then some weird things began to happen.  And the probability of those things happening was really, really small.

When this story gets finished, or close to it, I will place a stub here and point back to this page under the About section.


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