What is hate speech?


What is ‘hate speech?’

We have many people advocating the protection of special classes of people. We are told that they need extra protection from the masses.

Because of color, religion, etc.

Isn’t it ironic that our culture has found it necessary to protect Christians from persecution?

OH, we are not protecting all religions, just some ….

OK, so what is ‘hate speech?’

Isn’t it what Hitler used when he encouraged the murder of others?

Isn’t it what the KKK did when they wanted to lynch black people?

Isn’t hate speech about describing someone in a manner which gets them killed?

“Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.”

Isn’t that what many politicians would want us to believe? Don’t they want us to think that if they succeed’ then we must think they were right after all? But, what is their success? Isn’t their success our downfall?

The man who originally made that quote was certain that is what it meant. Politically, militarily, and morally.

He was Adolf Hitler. A great hate speaker. He encouraged millions to follow his hate.

Don’t we deserve to live without hate-mongers?

Don’t our children?


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