Why the Big Bang?

Why do I study the Big Bang?

“Honestly, Wayne? If you believe that God did it all, why do you study the Big Bang?”

Well, first, the Big Bang does not eliminate the ‘god’ question. In fact, many proponents of Big Bang Cosmology believe in and search for a ‘god particle’ to explain the Big Bang ….

It is fascinating.

The supposed pictures they illustrate it with are magnificent!

The math is challenging.

The concepts are easy – for me at least.

It is fun to read about.

And it is no less entertaining than a good sic-fi novel …. which I LOVE!!! I was a book a day addict until I quit …. overcoming the quit is difficult for me. First, I still fear that I might become an addict again …. so, I do not read as much as I used to.

And second, my back hurts. So, my aching back really does keep me from writing and reading any where near as much as I would like to.

But, the first three minutes of the Universe? Holy guacamole Bat Man! I really do get excited …. Think about it. Scientists say the Universe went from nothing to something like 3 billion light years across …. in the snap of your fingers, the Universe went from nothing to the size of our Milky Way Galaxy …. that is HUGE!!!! They call this ‘expansion.’

In comparison, my corvette went from 0 to 60 in something like 5 seconds …. that was fast! And fun. And I BEAT a Porsche 930 turbo …. almost, he had a head start, but he NEVER pulled away.


But, going 100,000 light years in under 1/100th of a second? That is fast acceleration. So fast, the call it expansion.

BTW, which definition for ‘expansion’ am I using? I do not know. The definitions vary, but the small expansion is 100,000 ly in 1/100 of a second, the more (IMHO) accepted definition is about 3 billion ly in 1/100 of a second. “ly” is light years – a very, very long way to go in a year, but to go that far in less than a second? Is FAST.

Going that fast got my attention. My need for speed is THAT BIG!

None of the words in our entire language FIT. NONE. There is no word for it.

That is a challenge.

Yes, we have to come up with a word for that cataclysmic event.

“Big Bang” – TOO small.
Cataclysmic – Do I know what this means?
Explosive – Welllll nuclear would be closer.

But, still too small.

By the time you read The First Three Minutes I will have finished a good rough draft for this tab.

Sorry, this has taken so long, but not having access to my blog for a year really hurt progress ….

Thank you for reading,



7 Responses to Why the Big Bang?

  1. As humans, over time, we have evolved our centric views. We once thought the planet was flat. Then, when we realized it was round, we assumed the sun revolved around our crumb of a planet. After that, we learn that our planet along with many others, revolves around the sun. We have recently learned that there are many solar systems which do the same.
    We are so small and young, like fetal minds of the universe(s). Who is to say we are alone? Who is to say we are not? Agnostics are all about waiting to find out. So, let’s see what happens in December 2012!

  2. Love the study of “big bang” and the support it gives for God’s existence! Another nice share!

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