How much do ‘refugees’ cost US?


As happens, some liberals tried to tell me on Twitter that refugees are ‘cheap’ and Americans love them so much, we should pay 100 times as much as we do …

Liberal logic does not use real world facts show refugees cost US about $60,000 each. AND about half of Muslim refugees stay on welfare.

Here is support from my research about How much do ‘refugees’ cost US?

First, Refugees in the EU cost over $2,500 per month. Well over $30,000 per year (1). In their fine print, the article pointed out that German states pay additional costs of about $30k each year per refugee. That is $60,000 per year per refugee. And that cost is in line with what Obama’s aunt demanded we pay her to live in the Boston area, before she died.

There are over 3 million refugees in the US, and that does not count their immediate family who are eligible to relocate to the US in about 6 months (2).

We imported more than 400,000 refugees over the last decade (3). And most Muslim refugees remain on welfare, even if they work (3).

It costs US 10 times more per refugee in the US than it would cost US to help them there (4).

It costs US a quarter million dollars per family every 5 years (5). NOTE: Muslim families are the greatest burden, other people groups tend to move into better paying jobs and off from welfare dependence. Obama’s aunt once said something like, “You are a Christian country, you owe this to me.”

1. The hidden costs of refugees in Germany, up to $60k per year per refugee. $30,000 is paid by Federal Govt, BUT states are also paying almost that much more per refugee.

2. Over 3.5 million refugees since 1975

3. Over 400,000 refugees over 10 years

4. Refugees cost 10 times more in developed countries than in the Middle East

5. Refugees cost US over $65K each 5 years, $250K per family

6. Initial benefit cost for refugees was cut in Germany


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