Odessa is my favorite city in Ukraine.  Well, maybe my second favorite after Illihevs’k.

But, you have heard of Odessa.

I loved the Odessa Opera house.  I got to see a ballet and an opera.

This was a great ballet performance.

There are not words to truly describe that experience.  What an opera, and what a ballet!

OK, the ballet was exquisite.  The women were able to stay in positions for minutes at a time.  I was impressed.  Having trained in the Army, I gotta say, these ladies had discipline.

Good friends make dinner better.

The Beer Garden is near the Opera, so it makes for a great evening.

Just in case you want to practice your Ukrainian, here is their website: http://pivnoysad.com.ua

The opera was awesome.

Orchestra Pit

For the ballet, I sat right here.  Awesome seat!

Me at the Opera.

This place was beautiful.

Opera House

They pack the place.  I think every night ….


Even the ceiling was beautiful.

OK, I went for the first time and sat in the orchestra, I think the seat was $8.  Then we went back for the opera and we got balcony seating for about $20 each.  Honestly?  WHAT A DEAL!

The ‘acting’ was better for me in the opera.  But, the ballet was much more impressive.

I understood the plot during the opera.  I still really don’t understand the ‘plot’ for the ballet.  But, the individual acting was more impressive during the ballet.

What do I know.  I am from Texas.

Here is the map to the Opera House:

To buy a ticket, I think you will need some help, or just good guts. Most places in Ukraine all you need to communicate to a person working in a Kasa (office) is the basic information for what you need. They know their job, and they will do the rest. At the opera, you need to know which seats you want. And that is NOT easy to communicate ….


If you need an apartment while you are there: Odessa Apartments.



4 Responses to Odessa

  1. davidgage says:

    Nice Blog……….. thank you for sharing your most important and beautiful moment of visit Ukraine.

  2. Nikolaev is pretty funny too. But no opera.

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