Tools and Technical


As I find good tools and technical information about blogging, and the world in general, I will add pages under this tab.

I am looking for a translation widget. Well, since WP is hosting this site, I did not have many options, so, I used a text widget, and built links to The easy way is to place your domain address (mine is into the google search bar, and then click translate in the return list. Basically, I did that for each language. And built the links. I know – old school, manual, and a pain to upkeep. But, it does work.

I am also looking for a better blogging platform. WordPress is weak in several areas which are important to a blogger. The weakest area? They no longer give readers a feed to find bloggers.

When they gave a feed for readers to find my blog, my readership doubled every month. So, I look for better. Now I am advertising, and that is not going as well.



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