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Калина красная (1974) The Red Snoball Tree

OK Friends,  To enjoy this film, you have to understand a little about the culture and CLICK the CC on the right hand side at the bottom to turn on subtitles.  BUT, THIS IS A REALLY FUNNY MOVIE. OK, I … Continue reading

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Concordia Captain was ordered to go back to his ship.

Chilling. To read the account of the Captain abandoning his ship (Concordia) and his not being willing to help others. That is chilling. Maybe even the start of a great horror movie? Wayne

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Man acquitted of hitting Gay predator

Friends, I think it is sad. Our news is SO FULL OF LIES AND DECEIT. The homosexual agenda is so powerful that it blames the Catholic Church for THEIR invasion of the Priesthood and molestation of millions of boys and … Continue reading

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Why governments overspend

Friends, There are many factors in governments overspending. And I will only focus on a couple of the bigger issues. And I will focus on the US government. One, they can. Two, they are buying votes. Third, they sometimes think … Continue reading

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Why do gays get to steal my rights?

Friends, I just read that hundreds of homosexuals are given refugee status every year to come to America …. I don’t care if it is ONE. That is taking FROM ME. I am a Disabled American Veteran, and like many … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Overexposed + Underdeveloped:
by Tiffani “Living La Vida Bathing Suit” Michele Dear, sweet, delusional, and incorrect Erika really threw down the gauntlet yesterday when she blogged “I Hate Summer“. Haterz gonna hate, I know, but she left me…

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Andy Griffith left Mayberry for Heaven

The Andy Griffith show was a CLASSIC. Our actor and character has gone on. But, I think, he has now completed his desire of being a Moravian Preacher with his meeting his Lord. Wayne

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Atheists say they are close to finding God

Friends, This is ironic. For almost a decade, atheists have looked for the God particle. Now that they say they are close, they want to start calling something else ….. Finding the God particle. Naturally, they have spent billions and … Continue reading

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WordPress is STILL SLOW

Friends, Do we really expect wp to ever fix their problems? That would require they actually admit they have problems, which would require they actually TEST for problems. So,will they ever fix anything? I guess not …. It is easier … Continue reading

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