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Originally posted on Arlin Report:
  Independent voters never really have had a strong party structure, since they never wanted to be associated with Democrats or Republicans.  They have always stayed away from being labeled a party, intentionally or not,…

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Cash-Strapped Russia Won’t Support Ukrainian Separatist Regions Of Donetsk And Luhansk

Originally posted on Ukraine English News Forum:
As a new ceasefire begins Tuesday between Ukraine and pro-Russia separatists in the east of the country, the Kremlin plunged the political fate of the contested regions of Donetsk and Luhansk into uncertainty. According…

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Cruise ships dump 1 billion tons of sewage into the ocean every year

Okay, that was not the blog post I thought I was retweeting. So, lesson learned – I hope. Okay, this post is about the massive amount of sewage dumped by cruise ships into the ocean. Another reason not to swim … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ solution to income inequality

Originally posted on Fortune:
It might not come as a surprise to many that Bill Gates, whom Forbes’ magazine ranks as the second wealthiest man in the world, doesn’t agree with the ideas of French economist Thomas Piketty. It’s Piketty,…

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Keep praying for Ukraine

Friends, The insanity in Ukraine is going crazy! Keep praying for peace. Wayne

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Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Get A Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine)

Originally posted on The Ugly Volvo:
I’m not super pro-tattoo or anti-tattoo.  I’ve debated getting one in the past but never that seriously.  But my mother is vehemently anti-tattoo.  Listed below are the reasons my mother has always given me for…

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Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.…

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The 15 World Top Websites in Alexa Ranking

Originally posted on Savvy Writers & e-Books online:
. ., the web information and measure company, let you know the traffic relation between your website / blog and the rest of the almost one billion sites worldwide. At…

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Ex-Australian PM, Malcolm Fraser: ‘US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it’s in their DNA’

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:
Interview transcript Malcolm Fraser: Ukraine and Crimea’s two factions must learn to live together Malcolm Fraser: There’s no way out unless the west understands its past mistakes Malcolm Fraser’s Wikipedia Profile

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G7 Nations Isolate Russia, Back Out of Sochi Summit

Originally posted on Deepak verma:
The world’s top economic powers have officially backed out of the planned G8 summit in Sochi, a result of Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. “We, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United…

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