Guns are safer than abortion


I need to blog on the Gun Issue and the Anti-Gun Agenda. BUT, I discovered that Abortions kill more women than guns do …

AND having a baby is safer for women than not having a baby. Pregnancy was safer than having an abortion.

WHY isn’t the Progressive Liberal Propaganda machine telling US this?


Below you will find where I got the data, and how I worked through the ‘Math.’ I have not worked word problems in a very long time, so if you do not want a headache, you might just take my word for this.

And leave me with the headache.

BUT, my conclusion was 2 fold.

FIRST, more women die from abortion related causes than from homicide, or from pregnancy.

SECOND, since the leading factor behind homicides is drug gangs, if you factor in for drug related deaths, any woman having an abortion is about 5 times more likely to die from an abortion than she is to die of homicide.

So, when a gun nut says you should fear a gun, what should that same nut say to women about an abortion?


From Wiki [Wiki article]:

3.8 homicides per 100,000 population.

AND less than 1 in 4 homicide victims are women … Therefore less than 1 female homicide per 100,000. [Female Homicide Victims.]

There are about 0.874 women murdered per 100,000 women. I will come back to this number (*).

This next article gave me a headache, but it basically said, “Having children was safer than not having children. And having children was significantly safer than having an abortion. Abortion increased maternal death rate 70% to more than triple, depending on how many abortions. AND abortion was safer than a miscarriage.” = I did not overlook that. So, if you want to argue “Mothers’ health,” there may be an argument there.

Detailed analysis.

17.8 per 100,000 pregnancies end in ‘maternal death.’ Using the increased death rate from abortion, that would give more than 18 additional women die per 100,000 pregnancies terminated by abortions ….

6,250 births per 100,000 women (16*6250=100,000 pregnancies) Therefor 18+/16 = [More than} 1.125 deaths from abortion per 100,000 women.

(*) 1.125 – 0.874 = 0.251 more deaths from abortion per 100,000 women than are murdered.


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5 Responses to Guns are safer than abortion

  1. KB says:

    Thank you Wayne for this article!

  2. tildeb says:

    Good grief, Wayne. What a remarkable piece of rationalizing. You’ve obviously spent no time in places with illegal abortion and high maternal mortality rates. No surprise there: you, after all, already know far more and far better informed because of your extreme religious beliefs and pipeline to god than any woman or professional doctor could ever hope to match by anything so trivial as real life.

    Look, the simple approach works wonders: is the health of a woman increased or decreased by medical care? There’s the answer you seek. And for maternal health, abortion is very much a central component of best practices reproductive health care. Remove that, dramatically increase maternal death rates. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comments.

      We both rationalize. I however wrote about a medical study from a very Liberal country. The ONLY study to actually look at how many lives are saved. Abortion does not make maternal health safer, the study disproved that.

      So, since it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out we WANT women to live longer, will you visit your support for abortion? Will you consider it would be better for most, not all, women to have children and not have abortions?


  3. Mike says:

    And that’s without even taking into consideration that abortion is also over 99% fatal every time it’s performed – provided a person considers a fetus to be a human being!

    • Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, that is a part of abortion most people wan’t agree on. Ironically, the Hippocratic oath prohibited doctors from inducing abortion for most of its history.


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