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Originally posted on makeaneffort:
There was another moment that I and the 199 other viewers watching CNN shared last night with Mr. Weinstein and former President Bill Clinton that I did not mention in my previous post. It has made the…

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Friends, Here we go again. Progressives have a long history of voting from beyond the grave. But, any attempt to clean that up is called “voter suppression.” Well? I hope the progressives do not bus in only their supporters this … Continue reading

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If you are looking for a job, here are some jobs for you! Unlike our government, I want you to work. I know what it means to have a job. What it means to not have a job. And I … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Just Thinking…for Myself:
File this one under “If The Shoe Fits…” In case you haven’t noticed there is a crisis in America, the origins of which, to a large extent, can be traced as far back as…

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Why should I care about Syria’s massacres?

Friends, Why? WHY? WHY should I CARE? Syria kills 108 people. REALLY? Over 15 months? They targeted women and children? What does the progressive agenda do to WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN THE USA? 108? Over 15 months? Every hour in … Continue reading

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What do you really want?

Friends, I just had an enjoyable date with a beautiful young lady. And like so many dates before, I ask myself, “What does she REALLY want?” And like so many women before her, I know she does not know what … Continue reading

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10 million dollar lot without house ….

Friends, There is the ex-e-commerce developer (he went bankrupt) selling land and houses now. “When he gets tired of something, he sells it.” It sound like he is a bankruptcy a year kind of business man. Can anyone else think, … Continue reading

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Why is this sustainable living?

Friends, Our media is full of IDIOTS. Excuse me for the rant, but they call this article an article on sustainable living: sustainable castle. It is EMPTY. It is NOT being used. How is empty junk standing up and resembling … Continue reading

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Better off in a pine box?

Friends, I thought of this song by Doug Stone, ‘Better off in a pine box.’ I don’t know how long it will be on Youtube, but it is here right now, Better off in a pine box. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Friends, What is it about life? I breath in, my heart pumps blood and oxygen, and all of a sudden? the inorganic elements which make up my body become ALIVE! Why is it some people want their organic chemical compounds … Continue reading

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