Irving Texas stands with US against Sharia Law


Even though they did make a stand, you must know, half of the city council voted for SHARIA LAW.

Irving Mayor stands against Sharia Law.

It should scare all of US into action when half of our elected officials in TEXAS no longer support the Constitution and the US way of life.

What do you think?


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World War 2


As I think about the terrible wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and many other countries our government does not want US to think about, I think back to WW2.

World War 2 was the result of Progressive politics. Progressives thought they could control population growth and Human Evolution.

The result was the Nazi slaughter of people thought to be ‘sub-humnan.’ 30% to 50% of European Jews were slaughtered. 15% of Slavic Christians in Europe were slaughtered.

Unfortunately, today, leaders throughout the world are willing to sacrifice humans in order to meet their political Progressive goals.


Why do Progressives want Humans to ‘evolve?’ What do they gain by subjugating the rest of US?


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It is time for peace in Russia.


While the western news is mostly silent, Russian mafia are destroying Russia and Ukraine.

I won’t get into the ‘he said, she said,’ narrative blaming Putin, or the US. But, this pseudo war needs to stop.

Two days ago, a leading Russian politician was gunned down in Moscow.

Boris Nemtsov murdered.

As long as terrorists roam a country, the country will not have peace. That is true in Russia, Ukraine, and the USA.

Political terrorism and physical terrorism are all the same.

It is time for peace.

Which side are you on?


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Why do they punish the old man for smoking?


First, I am not for smoking. It is a terrible addiction. An addiction which killed my father.

But, why would they evict a man from the apsrtment he hss lived and smoked in for 4 decades?

DW article.

Do you think that is crazy?


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Why is Europe subsidizing Russian aggression?


Why is Europe subsidizing Russian aggression?

I have mentioned this before, and often I get told simply Ukraine should pay more than Europe even though fuel deliveries to Europe cost more than to Ukraine.


Now someone else is asking the same question, “Why is Europe subsidizing Russian aggression?” I will take the conversation to the next level, “Why is Europe forcing Ukraine to subsidize Russian aggression?”


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Why do Liberals hate marriage?


I know many kids from divorced families deal with anger issues, I have dealt with some of my own.

But, why do Liberals hate marriage?

Have you noticed?

They bring up un-sourced statistics to claim 50% of marriages fail.

But, the wealth makers point out marriage is a wealth generation tool. CNBC Article.

So, why is it that an institution that has done so much for so many people get attacked all the time, and then they want to open up marriage for ‘gays?’

If it is ‘good’ for gays, then isn’t marriage even better for straight couples?


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Climate Change may take US back to the year 1200


Back in 1200, the USA endured a major climate event – Global Warming. BBC predicts “Climate Change may take US back to the year 1200.”

Article here.

With more than 10 times as many people, I guess this global warming will blast that even out of the history books?

What do you think? Can the idiots who could not predict the ‘snowmaggedon’ in NY City, predict climate change?


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Why did Sean Hannity lie?


I do not know why the Liberal media are ganging up on Brian Williams for lying. Brian did lie.

But, tonight Sean Hannity lied.

Honestly? Sean probably made a simpler mistake, and Brian made a major and intentional lie.

Sean said Chris Kyle killed the most in military history …. Possibly in US military history, although there were some who greatly exceeded the number Chris Kyle killed in the line of duty. And there were many soldiers who have killed more than Chris Kyle killed.

My casual guess would be that at least 12 WW2 soldiers killed more people than Chris killed. I would have to go back and research that answer.

But, their were several ‘aces’ who killed more than Kyle’s number, and there were the two nuclear bombers.

While Hannity accidentally lied, Williams intentionally lied.

But, they both point to a greater problem, our media seldom reports the truth.


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3 steps to finding God’s will


I just met one of our new sisters in Christ. And I discussed these important points, and some more points.

But, there are 3 steps to finding God’s will. Very simple steps.

First step, examine if something will bring glory to God.

Ironically, our conversation brought Glory to God. First, a man near us got unexcited, not quite angry, but he decided he had to leave. And another man decided he wanted to hear more about our conversation.

I never had to raise my voice, I was never ‘preachy.’

So, when you look for God’s will always ask, “Will this glorify God?”

The answers will be, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘I don’t know.’

Second, does this decision express God’s love to people?

Often this is the easiest. Love is simple, it does not hurt others.

Let me point out, loving someone does not mean I do not point out sinful behaviors.

But, love does not mean I go around spending my time trying to make other people angry. And that is why I hate driving in America today. I see so many angry drivers. I feel they are looking for a fight. And I do not like being near them. Because I feel like I am enabling them.

So, when you look for God’s will always ask, “Will this show people God’s love for people?”

The answers will be, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘I don’t know.’

The third important thing about God’s will is also simple.

God never violates his Word that has been revealed to us in the Bible.


So, if someone asks me to do something like adultery, I know that is against God’s will.

Simple and clear.

What else do you look for when YOU seek God’s will?


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How do we get peace in Ukraine?


How do we get peace in Ukraine?

The US State Department gambled bringing wars for democracy to the ME would be good for everyone.

I think ISIS in Iraq and Syria and all out war in Libya have shown this gamble was bad for everyone.

Now that the gamble has moved into Ukraine, how do we help bring peace?

How do we get Russia to see peace in their better interest?


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