How many Muslims volunteered with ISIS


This is a hot issue lately. It would seem the ‘Religion of Peace’ has many followers on the Internet. Unfortunately for them, I know Islamic history of violence by Muslims.

How many Muslims volunteered with ISIS? The low figure is around 27,000 foreign fighters. And the higher figure was over 40,000 last summer (2016).

So, how many Muslims volunteered with ISIS?

Too many.

And these numbers are a reflection of the historic violence of ‘Jihad.’ In 100 years in just India, Islam slaughtered enough Hindus that Muslims named the mountains Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter.’

Not something I would be proud of. Would you be proud of that history?


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How much do ‘refugees’ cost US?


As happens, some liberals tried to tell me on Twitter that refugees are ‘cheap’ and Americans love them so much, we should pay 100 times as much as we do …

Liberal logic does not use real world facts show refugees cost US about $60,000 each. AND about half of Muslim refugees stay on welfare.

Here is support from my research about How much do ‘refugees’ cost US?

First, Refugees in the EU cost over $2,500 per month. Well over $30,000 per year (1). In their fine print, the article pointed out that German states pay additional costs of about $30k each year per refugee. That is $60,000 per year per refugee. And that cost is in line with what Obama’s aunt demanded we pay her to live in the Boston area, before she died.

There are over 3 million refugees in the US, and that does not count their immediate family who are eligible to relocate to the US in about 6 months (2).

We imported more than 400,000 refugees over the last decade (3). And most Muslim refugees remain on welfare, even if they work (3).

It costs US 10 times more per refugee in the US than it would cost US to help them there (4).

It costs US a quarter million dollars per family every 5 years (5). NOTE: Muslim families are the greatest burden, other people groups tend to move into better paying jobs and off from welfare dependence. Obama’s aunt once said something like, “You are a Christian country, you owe this to me.”

1. The hidden costs of refugees in Germany, up to $60k per year per refugee. $30,000 is paid by Federal Govt, BUT states are also paying almost that much more per refugee.

2. Over 3.5 million refugees since 1975

3. Over 400,000 refugees over 10 years

4. Refugees cost 10 times more in developed countries than in the Middle East

5. Refugees cost US over $65K each 5 years, $250K per family

6. Initial benefit cost for refugees was cut in Germany

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How did North Korea make an H-bomb


On a different blog, I was told North Korea could not have made an H-bomb.

There are two possibilities:

  1. North Korea told the truth when they said they tested their first H-bomb.
  2. Other ‘experts’ told the truth when they said this device was ‘too small.’ (*)

First, was the device too small for an ‘H-bomb?’ Sources claim it was 10 Kt. So, is 10 Kt in the range of gas salted Thermonuclear Warheads?

I think so,

….the 11 kt yield of the W34 Python would degrade to a figure comparable with the W25 without the gas-boosting (1).

I hated using wiki to support my hypothesis, so I found another article discussing ‘salted’ A-bombs (2).

SO … Or maybe ‘Therefor,’ I seriously doubt the ‘nuclear’ experts claiming the device was ‘too small.’ And if they choose to lie to US about the size, I think they were willing to lie about everything.

My hunch? I think North Korea thought they had a 15 Kt to 50 Kt device. They missed their yield projections in two ways. They missed their ‘primary’ A-bomb ignition and only part of their Plutonium made it to fission (critical mass). And they missed their expected fusion yield as well. The reduced fusion was probably the result of bad ‘reflector’ technology.

(*) This is not the first time we were lied to. The lies began when Clinton gave North Korea the technology to build Plutonium bombs. The same technology Obama and Kerry just promised Iran. Obama and Kerry told US Iran could not use the technology to build a bomb, THE SAME LIE Clinton told us in 1994.

I don’t fear a nuclear holocaust, do you?



(1), Accessed, 11 Jan 2016.

(2), Accessed, 11 Jan 2016.


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Can you live a better life?


Have you noticed how costs keep going up, but we are told there is no inflation?

Have you noticed how we are told white people live a life of ‘white privilege?’ Yet, more ‘white’ people live in poverty than blacks do?

Or, how all the rich elite Liberals ask US to pay more in taxes, while they are the 1%?

With all the social injustice programmed against us, can we live better lives?

I believe we can.

Paul told us:

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12: 1 and 2).

The perfect will of God is not about riches during this life, nor about being better than someone else, or about ‘entitlement,’ nor hatred and prejudice. Rather, God’s will is our being living examples of God’s love to the people around us.

Just as Jesus lived his life to show all of us what love really is, we are happiest when we are in God’s will. When we are in God’s will we love everyone around us.

This does not mean what politicians use God to mean, it does not mean I must bring ‘refugees’ into the US. How do I know that? If you bring refugees to know Jesus, that is bringing them into God’s will. If you bring them here to give them ‘food,’ then you have not brought them to Jesus. You have NOT done God’s will, but your will.

This does not mean you cannot help others, we are commanded to help others. But, what is your motivation? If your motivation is not bringing others to know Jesus, your motivation is not from God.

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “ If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works (Matthew 16: 24-27).

It is not easy, it is difficult. Balancing God’s will and His love with the World we live in has never been easy.

Yes, you can life a better life.

What do you think?


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I love Christmas


My family celebrated Christmas yesterday. Watching my family’s kids going crazy over presents was so much fun.

I always want to borrow a couple kids for a week or two.


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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down


Do you ever have those days?

Rainy days? Well, I am having one. And unfortunately, 2% of town is without power. Guess which percent I am in?

Yep. So, I went to my local coffee shop for internet.

It may have got me down, but not for long.

What would be my backup plan to the backup? McDonald’s of course.

So, do you have those plans in place? Do you have backups? Do you have plans?


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Guns are safer than abortion


I need to blog on the Gun Issue and the Anti-Gun Agenda. BUT, I discovered that Abortions kill more women than guns do …

AND having a baby is safer for women than not having a baby. Pregnancy was safer than having an abortion.

WHY isn’t the Progressive Liberal Propaganda machine telling US this?


Below you will find where I got the data, and how I worked through the ‘Math.’ I have not worked word problems in a very long time, so if you do not want a headache, you might just take my word for this.

And leave me with the headache.

BUT, my conclusion was 2 fold.

FIRST, more women die from abortion related causes than from homicide, or from pregnancy.

SECOND, since the leading factor behind homicides is drug gangs, if you factor in for drug related deaths, any woman having an abortion is about 5 times more likely to die from an abortion than she is to die of homicide.

So, when a gun nut says you should fear a gun, what should that same nut say to women about an abortion?


From Wiki [Wiki article]:

3.8 homicides per 100,000 population.

AND less than 1 in 4 homicide victims are women … Therefore less than 1 female homicide per 100,000. [Female Homicide Victims.]

There are about 0.874 women murdered per 100,000 women. I will come back to this number (*).

This next article gave me a headache, but it basically said, “Having children was safer than not having children. And having children was significantly safer than having an abortion. Abortion increased maternal death rate 70% to more than triple, depending on how many abortions. AND abortion was safer than a miscarriage.” = I did not overlook that. So, if you want to argue “Mothers’ health,” there may be an argument there.

Detailed analysis.

17.8 per 100,000 pregnancies end in ‘maternal death.’ Using the increased death rate from abortion, that would give more than 18 additional women die per 100,000 pregnancies terminated by abortions ….

6,250 births per 100,000 women (16*6250=100,000 pregnancies) Therefor 18+/16 = [More than} 1.125 deaths from abortion per 100,000 women.

(*) 1.125 – 0.874 = 0.251 more deaths from abortion per 100,000 women than are murdered.

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As I move to a newer Mac notebook, I must remember passwords.

Do you remember the days before passwords?

When you went into your bank and they said, “Hello fill in your name.”

Why is it we must measure success:

on leaving a store without setting off alarms?

by getting through ‘security’ without being hassled as a terrorist as the Muslims go through without being screened? [thankfully, I haven’t seen that in the last 4 years.]

when you did not have to have anti-virus software?

when you did not need 20 different passwords [okay, I think I only have 16].

when you did NOT have to lock your back door and all your windows?

Yes, I measure success in being able to remember most of my passwords. Not sure I remember all of them, but I do remember most, and even this one. Which by the way, I had not ‘used’ from my memory, because it was remembered on the other computer in 2 years.

And no, it is not easy. And it is 18 characters long.

Are you successful?


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Happy Thanksgiving


I wish you and yours a very wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

In 1621, The ‘Pilgrims’ from the Mayflower celebrated their survival and harvest. Roughly 50% of them had died.

Thanksgiving was celebrated off and on until 1789.

On November 26, 1789 our modern Thanksgiving got its boost when President George Washington proclaimed we should all thank Almighty God.

Thank you for visiting and celebrating with me.


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I hate my back


Okay. This is a blog post you do not need to read. It will be a stream of consciousness – almost a diary entry.

I know my title sounds whiny, but I slept 18 hours on Sunday, a little better on Monday, and then 11 or 12 hours yesterday, and I have been awake ever since yesterday around 4 pm….

I must get somethings done today, during the day time, so I must stay awake, rather than sleep.

So, now that I am finally sleepy, and the sun is up – I will whine a little, so I can stay up a couple more hours to get some LIFE things done.

Check mail, put out the trash, check the bank, etc.

FUNNY thing is?

After years of normal days and abnormal days, the new me seems ‘normal.’

Somedays I am awake 20 plus hours. You can get a LOT DONE on those days, but they are so few, they do not make up for the days I sleep 16 to 20 hours a day.

From the back injury, I don’t usually sleep past 20 hours a day.

When I write that, I chuckle, because that is what I now see as normal. Hibernation like a bear, seems normal.

However, I did have a super record of about 60 hours of sleep, but that was when a doctor prescribed hydrocodone, AFTER I told her I was allergic. She prescribed a different ‘strength,’ so I did not recognize the different name. That event was about 60 hours with about 3 hours conscious. When I came back to humanity, I read the label, and flushed the !@#$.

So, I truly hate my back, but unlike a car, I can’t take me back to the dealer for warranty work, or just buy a replacement.

So, I live with my back. And I thank God he allowed my back to go, instead of my brain and good sense of humor. I know so many people with healthy bodies, and sick brains … For me, this is better. A life with a good brain and terrible body.

Ya’ll have a great day, even during this time of great terror in our world. Remember, terrorists may rock the world, but God is still in command. When he wants to stop it, he will. And I do think that day will be soon.


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