Gay life destroys marriages


BBC just posted an article about spouses who had their lives (and marriages) destroyed by their gay spouses.

One woman said, “It feels almost homophobic to say anything about them.”


It is not homophobic – the gay lifestyle destroys God ordained marriage.

That is my Religious Point of View – I realize it may offend some, but that offense is recent. That offense arose since the gay experiment and gay explosion of the last 40 years. Especially the last 5 years.

What do you think?


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Even Taco Bell workers are over TAXED!


I just met a young man working at Taco Bell. When he told me his income tax with-holding was about 30%, I wanted to CRY for him.

When my REAL tax with-holding rate was about 30% (on 100k per year), I figured out my real tax rate was about 56% ….

MY taxes were about 56%.

That means this young man is currently carrying over 55% real tax rate. And about one third is just to pay other people NOT TO WORK.

Welfare is KILLING US.

I don’t want to starve people, but shouldn’t welfare cover emergency food needs and NOT iPhones?

What do you think?


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3 things for US about Greek crisis


There are 3 things for US about Greek crisis we are not being told.

First, we are told, sometimes, that Greece spent a lot of money on welfare. But, then we are led to believe that is okay. The Greeks are not told by their government how excessive they are borrowing to pay for Welfare. We are not told how excessive Greek welfare spending and borrowing still IS.

Second, the Socialists blame the banks for their borrowing. Just listen to Greek Prime Minister Tsipras.

Third, the US Welfare spending and debt crisis is much greater per person than the Greek Welfare spending and debt crisis. (*)

Why WON’T Socialists tell US the truth?

I think it is because they KNOW we would vote them OUT.

What do you think?


(*) Greek debt / Population (11 Million) = $34,500 / person.

Public (Not secret US debt) / population = $57,000 / person. Including secret debt swaps and divided per TAXPAYER, we are over $200,000 / taxpayer.

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Is Russia preparing for WW3?


You may know that I pray for Ukraine almost daily. And I have been known to live in Odessa, Ukraine.

So, I read a lot of news about the war in Ukraine. What American news calls a ‘crisis.’

However, this American wrote about Obama wanting to invade Russia and take Moscow.

The ONLY reasons I can think for anyone, American, Russian, or Ukrainian, to write such a crazy article are (1) they are CRAZY; or (2) they were paid to write the article.

The US cannot contain the mess Obama created with ISIS. [As I have written before, ISIS arose because the State Dept funded the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. Democracy revolutions spread accidentally or intentionally to Syria. And then ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, took off once Russia redeployed mercenary assets to Ukraine.]

I hope and pray that the man got rich off of his article. And I pray he spends 40 years in jail for it.

What do you think? Will Obama invade Russia?


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No more secret wars ….


Every time I fly through Vienna, I am reminded of all of our secret ‘wars.’

Please pray for our troops to come home.


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Why the rage?


Not everyone is angry, but have you noticed how many people are angry?

I read about a Police officer being found not guilty for shooting two unarmed suspects 15 times.

After they were stopped.

CNN Article.

I was held at gun point for ‘driving while white.’ I can tell you, when COPS go off, it is SCARY.

I am not writing about his guilt or innocence, or that of the victims.

I am writing about the rage.

He ran and jumped up on the hood of the car, and emptied his gun into them.

Like a pit bull let loose to kill someone.

He went CRAZY.

He is not the only person. It happens all the time. You see it as you drive down the freeway, unless you are distracting yourself with your cell phone …. So, you will NOT see it around you.


I am not sure of all the reasons. But, I can think of three.

First, we have glorified the individual. Me. Self. I.

Second, we have put God down, in his place, below us-humans.

Third, we have pushed against the normal punishments. We replaced the death penalty for most capital crimes with ‘life with the chance of parole for good behavior.’

I am not sure we can fix the problem, but we need to tone down the rage.

What do you think?


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Save Baltimore, Save US


The war on Black Americans in Baltimore is the war on US.

I will explain that. And I will explain how we need to react to this aggression.

First, the racists riots are a continuation of Obama’s Arab Spring riots. Activists in Northern Africa were trained to incite riots and violence.

I blogged on Arab Spring being started by US here.

I do not think there is a direct involvement between the two groups. I do not think USAID finished in Africa and Syria and then moved onto US. But, the purposes of the groups and the methods are the same.

Break down government, and move the current government towards anarchy and progressive ideals through massive protests organized by internet media and the News Media.

The purpose is the destruction of America as we know America.

To destroy America, they will destroy Black America. After that, they will destroy White America. They will blame the problem on racism.

They blame the COPS.

But, they hide from the roots of the problem – the break down of the family through the rules of Welfare. They forced women and children into poverty. Even though they knew poverty leads more children to become victimized criminals.

What can we do to turn this around?

First, pray. Only God is a good guide through this insanity.

Second, talk with your friends, family, and even strangers. Talk about the problem. Discuss the need for jobs. Discuss the need for parents to raise good children, not criminals.

Third, VOTE God’s way, not your way, not the current way, or the way to destruction.

Let US protest. At home, in the streets, and on ever election day.

Will you protest the crazy violence?


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Americans are the richest in the world


This blog post is in response to Roubini’s crazy article claiming ‘income inequality’ was the root of the Baltimore riots this last week. That article is here.

I blogged about inequality before.

And you can find more here. By the way, the average poor person in the USA lives better than the average person in Europe.

$11,000 per person, or $24,000 per family of four is the official ‘poverty guideline for the US. But, then you get significant subsidies. According to the Wall Street Journal’s analysis (*) That is a minimum of $17,000 more in Mississippi. $41,000? How would that compare to the world?

Giving What We Can considers that amount in the top 10% world wide.

Okay. Back to the real problem. Income inequality is not the root of violence in Baltimore, or anywhere else in the world.

I live as much as I can in Ukraine. There $4 and hour is a good wage. There are not people in the streets burning down their houses and killing people.

BTW, that is $8,000/year.

The problem in the US is ‘entitlement.’ You see it in the store when some feels entitled and they cut you off.

You see this on the campaign trail when Clinton does not want to be noticed so she wears a scarf and glasses ….

It is the most basic form of greed and arrogance.

I deserve more than you deserve.

Yes, I wish Bill Gates and Bill Clinton would give their money away, instead they hide their money in tax shelters and pretend to do good.

They are as much the problem as the ‘poor’ rioting in Baltimore – IMHO. They are greedy. And they want everyone else to pay more in taxes so they do not have to.

Can we fix this? Yes, but it requires we turn to God, repent, and ask him to heal US.

Do you think we will do that?


(*) In depth analysis at WSJ.

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Why can’t I find a job?


When I was in college, I had to quit several jobs. There are bosses who just do not care that you have University classes. They eventually force you to choose between ‘work,’ and ‘college.’

And somewhere, I need to admit the title does not apply to my job search. With my disability, no business in their right mind would hire me as an employee. They would enjoy placing some of my consultants to work, but, not me.

I have noticed that today’s young people fear losing a job and looking for another job.

I finished college during that other great recession – Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter made a big mess of our country. But, now? I think it is two times, maybe even four times, worse than it was then.

As I talk with people, not just college students, I am often told “It is bad,” or, “I fear losing my job today.”

So, why is it so difficult to find a job?

Hasn’t the media, and the government, declared the Great Recession over?

So, why isn’t the Great Recession over?


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I am alive!


I pray you never have a physical therapist do to your back what they did to mine.

But, after another 16 day stretch, I AM ALIVE. And this is after a 10 day stretch just a week before this stretch. So, it does feel like much longer.

Ten minutes ago, I opened my eyes. And I thought, That is sunshine, I really cannot get up yet. I have been in zombie mode for over 2 weeks, so I will probably need another 6 hours of sleep.

I lay there for a minute and felt right. No zombie mode. I got up and walked to the door, looked outside, it WAS beautiful. The weather has cleared up. Now my back has let me out of zombie prison.

It is amazing what the difference feels like.

What should I do to celebrate?


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