Why can’t I find a job?


When I was in college, I had to quit several jobs. There are bosses who just do not care that you have University classes. They eventually force you to choose between ‘work,’ and ‘college.’

And somewhere, I need to admit the title does not apply to my job search. With my disability, no business in their right mind would hire me as an employee. They would enjoy placing some of my consultants to work, but, not me.

I have noticed that today’s young people fear losing a job and looking for another job.

I finished college during that other great recession – Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter made a big mess of our country. But, now? I think it is two times, maybe even four times, worse than it was then.

As I talk with people, not just college students, I am often told “It is bad,” or, “I fear losing my job today.”

So, why is it so difficult to find a job?

Hasn’t the media, and the government, declared the Great Recession over?

So, why isn’t the Great Recession over?


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I am alive!


I pray you never have a physical therapist do to your back what they did to mine.

But, after another 16 day stretch, I AM ALIVE. And this is after a 10 day stretch just a week before this stretch. So, it does feel like much longer.

Ten minutes ago, I opened my eyes. And I thought, That is sunshine, I really cannot get up yet. I have been in zombie mode for over 2 weeks, so I will probably need another 6 hours of sleep.

I lay there for a minute and felt right. No zombie mode. I got up and walked to the door, looked outside, it WAS beautiful. The weather has cleared up. Now my back has let me out of zombie prison.

It is amazing what the difference feels like.

What should I do to celebrate?


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Gay gropes men at Denver Airport


I have told you, and I have warned you.

The gay agenda is not nice and friendly. If they were, they would police this kind of behavior to protect their image.

But, just now CNN reported two security officers set up their scanner machine to allow the gay man to grope male passengers.

Pull the gays out of the security service – Government wants US vulnerable, but do we need to be subjected to gays groping US?

Huffington Post’s Article

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Gays will not bake cakes for Christians


A Christian Pastor asked a gay bakery to bake a cake that stated something about not supporting gay marriage.

The Pastor posted the video.

The gay bakery says they now ‘fear’ and are suing, and they are asking the FBI to call this a hate crime.

I warned this was coming. I warned that the damage the gays had done to the Priesthood (Catholic) was just a start.

I warned the gay agenda was fulfilling Romans Chapter 1.

And now, we Christians will be persecuted here in the US for calling attention to the sin of our country.

My family came here to escape this insanity. We built a great and godly country.

God blessed US.

I am ashamed at what some people are doing to our country.

I still pray God will bless the USA. But, for how much longer?

Pastor asked gay bakery to bake a cake.

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Who is your favorite candidate for President?


With the news focusing on everyone declaring their candidacy, do you have a favorite yet?

I don’t.


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ISIS bombers in the US?


ISIS is recruiting and teaching terrorists in the US.

They have published a bomb making booklet on-line. They inspired a young man to join the US Army, and that really is strange. When that man could not get in the Army, he decided to bomb the Army.

Even CNN reported this news, even Wolf Blitzer.

Personally, I think the threat is small. But, will we finally get a government that not only protects US from the enemy, but also

quits importing them into the US?


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Another bad week


I pray you do not have as many bad days as I have. I averaged close to 16 hours sleep a day the last 4 days. Last night? I forced myself out of bed after 17 hours.

At least it is not one of the 20+ hour days.

What burdens do you carry?

Do your burdens bring you closer to God? Or, do they drive you away from God?


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Happy Easter!


I hope and pray you are having a GREAT Easter.

Remember, Jesus Rose. He rose indeed.


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Soda Bombs?


Of all the things to listen to as I am updating my blog, I had to listen to the news. I do multi-task. Actually, I single task several separate tasks at the same time.

And the news mentioned someone leaving “soda bombs” in people’s yards.

I did a little google, and yes, the bombs are real. I think they would be weak as a bomb, but would seriously disfigure someone if it exploded near them. It is made using drano. The drano would cause serious caustic burns to the body.

Now, first, we should be careful if we see strange looking soda bottles. But, second, we should ask ourselves, “How crazy do you have to be to want to hurt other people?”

Be safe.

Article about a teenager arrested for making one of these bombs.

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3 reasons why Atheism is defeating Christianity?


The anger about the Indiana law protecting expression of Religion is truly difficult to believe.

But, why is Atheism defeating Christianity?

First, they control the messaging; second, they use hatred and aggression to quiet their opposition; and lastly Christians are letting them win.

I will use a seldom used rhetorical tool, I will begin at the end and work back to the first.

Christianity in America is weak. We have allowed the culture to define US. Instead of letting God lead US and define US, we allow those who hate US to define US. That has led us to become weak and fear telling people about whom Jesus really is.

And in a twist, God no longer empowers US, because of our sin.

Hate? Hatred of different people is the root of discrimination. To hear the radical Atheists, you would think Christianity is new in America. You would think non of the Americans in 1770 to 1800 were Christian. You would think every Colonist was an Atheist, or a Muslim. That power comes from the hateful rhetoric they use against US. They call normal, hateful. They call US hateful.

Why? Because they can control US and intimidate US. Just look at the businesses sued and fined for being Christian, and usually very weak Christians. Look at the businesses and governments shut down or forced to change their Religious views – definitely against the First Amendment.

And then there is the control of the message. For decades, our media has been evolving. They have evolved from reporting the news to evangelizing Atheism. Slowly our Media, our Government, especially our schools, and our Hollywood have moved from teaching US historical America to teaching US what they want US to believe.

Ironically, a couple of immigrants told me something this week.

We love America, because, here everyone becomes American; even if they are from completely different backgrounds; they leave ethnic differences behind.

Ironically, one of my immigrant friends is probably Muslim. We have not had a need for that conversation.

Ironic. While our Elite beat US over the head and tell US we must throw our Religion and our Religious views away, immigrants still see US as a powerful and godly country. A powerful culture specifically because of our Faith.

Yes, I have asked those questions. Have you, lately?


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