Why do you communicate?


We (me included) often miss the purpose in communicating.

Have you ever heard a woman tell her husband, “You are not listening to me!”

That is a classic ‘failure to communicate.’

What is he missing?  What is she actually saying?

“You are missing your purpose in the discussion.”

Purpose, is the most important part of communication.

Sometimes, we need to focus on our topic, or your theme, during a presentation.  But, if you lose sight of your purpose, you will not convince anyone with your topic.

Are you communicating to convince someone?  Persuasion is an art form to itself.

Are you trying to make yourself look good at work?  Are you selling something?

Are you trying to get your wife to listen, or understand?

The what and the why are critical to your writing, or your speaking.  Focus on them.  Keep them sharp.  And then use them to define, and refine, your topic.




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