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Einstein told Moses what to write in Genesis

Friends, There is a never ending debate between Evolution and Christianity. Honestly? Some Christians think that they are Evolutionists, and this debate does not involve them. BUT, I have discussed this with MANY Atheist Evolutionists, even some of the ‘Big … Continue reading


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Science, or Ignorance?

Friends, As you know, I study Evolution and Creation.  Science fascinates me, always has.  And that was a main reason I became Agnostic for years.  But, then I READ what ‘Scientists’ actually wrote, I began to realize, there was a … Continue reading

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World War 2

Friends, As I think about the terrible wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and many other countries our government does not want US to think about, I think back to WW2. World War 2 was the result of Progressive politics. … Continue reading

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Why are so many Atheists so angry?

Friends, I did it again, I asked simple, very simple questions of some atheists. I was attacked, repeated ad hominems. I was threatened with being banned from the web site. I have been blocked, but I was told that “You … Continue reading

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Falsifiable predictions in support of God

Friends, Have you ever noticed that Atheists will always ask for ‘predictions’ to prove God? He did give a lot of those in the Bible. But, they want more. And they always want them ‘falsifiable.’ Well, would they prove a … Continue reading

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For my atheist readers

For my atheist readers, some of whom attain the status of friend, I wrote something similar to what follows in reply to a comment on my post Is Evolution True? Darwinian evolution while ‘cute,’ does not answer the following questions. … Continue reading

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Is Evolution true?

Friends, I wonder about this often. Sometimes, my thoughts are light, sometimes my thoughts are deep, and I meditate about Evolution. And I read way too much. First, I do not believe Evolution would change who God is. But, Evolution … Continue reading

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The problem with Noah’s flood

Friends, Evolutionists always tell me Noah’s flood could not have happened. They ask, “Where did all that water come from?” Well, could the water come from where the Bible said it came from? Compare this Bible quote with what Scientists … Continue reading

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Scientists say Frankenstein is safe

Scientists have made Frankenstein animal cells. And they promise nothing can go wrong. Of course, they told us that when they made anti-bacterials. Now the bacteria are resistant. So, what are they doing now? Frankenstein bacteria? Don’t worry. The bacteria … Continue reading

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Darwin was a Christian

Friends, I find it amazing at how few atheists realize how many ‘atheists,’ ‘scientists,’ ‘evolutionists,’ and even ‘communists’ believed and do believe in God. So, let me walk back through that list. I live in Ukraine part time, the greatest … Continue reading

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