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CNN reported that Islam endorses terrorism.

CNN reported that Islam endorses terrorism. You really gotta love CNN. All these years they have written that only Islamic extremists endorsed terrorism. But, now they reported that the recent assassination of a cleric has dealt a blow to Islamic … Continue reading

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Originally posted on maren ellingboe:
Terribly sorry, everyone. I have been dreadful about posting over the last couple of weeks due to a trip home and a computer being upgraded. I also seem to have contracted a penchant for writing…

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What is equality in Hollywood?

Friends, There is no equality in Hollywood. Either you are a cheap whore, gay, or jewish or you ain’t welcome. At least you are not welcome much. I noticed real quickly that people trying to make it in Hollywood felt … Continue reading

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East Texas

Friends, As you know from my previous post, “Chicken,” my cousins all listen to the Eagles. You kinda got to keep the music in the family, if you know what I mean. So, how do you know you are in … Continue reading

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Friends, You might be able to tell from my previous post “Chicken” that I probably am not a big fan of sausage? Well, if’n you did, you’d be right. If’n is East Texan talk for ‘if.’ Ya’ll (you) would be … Continue reading

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Yes Friends, Have you noticed how much we have ‘progressed?’ With all of our processed foods? ‘Poisons on a stick’ is more like it. Yes, we have ‘progressed.’ We now have to cook our chickens extra well, because our ‘modern’ … Continue reading

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