How I became an Agnostic


I really do not talk about this period of my life much.

Clinically, I would probably have been diagnosed as at least mildly depressed.  So, let us begin that journey gently and slowly.

I was in college (university,) and I burned out on school, work, work, and more work.  I had three jobs and University classes.  And I was a Math major.

I burned out.

I had a spiritual break down.  I began drinking, heavily.  God no longer existed to me.

Don’t misunderstand, I did not become an atheist.  I still “knew” that I had had spiritual encounters in my life.  I just no longer had any idea what those encounters meant in the real world of empiricism I had learned as a Math major.

But, I was not really comfortable with “god” anymore, much less the “God.”

I finally became comfortable with the idea that I had “grown up.”  I had learned that in the modern world, “god” was not a part of reality.

Give me a couple of weeks, and I will fill in why this experience led to my passionate study of evolution and Genesis.  I would have studied the Big Bang anyway …. And I am passionate about that as well.


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