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WordPress is dying

Friends, After telling me that they have not had any reported problems, I followed my ‘happiness’ engineers posts. He responded to post after post of the same thing. WordPress is seriously ‘saturated.’ Or someone has hacked them, or their code … Continue reading

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Does WordPress EVER do anything RIGHT?

Friends, I am doing EVERY THING WP ‘engineers’ tell me to do. I opened up my computer to hack attacks. EVERYTHING. WordPress is still running slow, and I cannot post to support pages. So, what happens? I log out, using … Continue reading

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Friends – HELP

Friends, I need your help. I was posting to a happiness engineer. The thread is beginning to be killed off. Would someone post in the support forums that I cannot post to the forums. HELP? My last life line is … Continue reading

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Friends, I am soooo tired of WordPress and their problems. I blog for specific reasons. One, you my friends and readers, READ my blog. Another, I really want to make the world a slightly better place. And blogging lets me … Continue reading

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Friends, I am having terrible problems with wordpress. So, are most users of wordpress, I would guess 90% do not realize it. They (automatic) are losing blogs, comments, posts, and their minds. They keep telling me that there is nothing … Continue reading

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Friends, I love Ukraine. And I will apologize to you, my Russian is ploxo, but my Ukrainian is non-existent. Enjoy your country! I do. Wayne  

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