How many Muslims volunteered with ISIS


This is a hot issue lately. It would seem the ‘Religion of Peace’ has many followers on the Internet. Unfortunately for them, I know Islamic history of violence by Muslims.

How many Muslims volunteered with ISIS? The low figure is around 27,000 foreign fighters. And the higher figure was over 40,000 last summer (2016).

So, how many Muslims volunteered with ISIS?

Too many.

And these numbers are a reflection of the historic violence of ‘Jihad.’ In 100 years in just India, Islam slaughtered enough Hindus that Muslims named the mountains Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter.’

Not something I would be proud of. Would you be proud of that history?



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2 Responses to How many Muslims volunteered with ISIS

  1. Hope all is well in your house. I continue to pray for your health.
    God Bless!

  2. Good to see you back up and running. Looking forward to more from you soon!

    ISIS metastasizing throughout Europe I am afraid. Many Jihadists came in with the waves of migrants. Hope Europe wakes up before it is too late.

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