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Who likes to experiment?

Friends, Every now and then, I gotta try something new. So, I tried adding the translation to some of my blog posts. I will see what your reactions are, and if it breaks a lot of things. Yes, I am … Continue reading

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You meet the nicest people on the web

Friends, Have you ever noticed that on the web people are always nice to you? It is just a breath of fresh air sometimes. 😉 Aren’t we just a big happy family? Wayne

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Friends, I’ll be back

Friends, WP is really slow fixing these things. I would guess they have better things to do, but someone is getting paid to fix these things. I guess my company will be pretty soon …. 😉 Wayne

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Friends, Have you ever had one of those moments when you know it is the time? I remember playing a Chinese college student ping pong. I was at one of those University Church programs. You know the kind. They have … Continue reading

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The beast is back ….

Friends, How ironically, the ‘beast’ is ‘back.’ But, it has been. As always (well, half of the time) I have NO idea what I did. But, he kicked me around for several days. During the latest WordPress fun and games. … Continue reading

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Friends? Thank you!

Friends, Thank YOU! I enjoy blogging. But, over the last six months there have been repeated WordPress outages. (some were technically slowages.) You have kept me focused on why I blog. It is not about my writing a blog. Or, … Continue reading

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WordPress’ Troubleshooting – re-blogged

Friends, You cannot see all of the forum support comments – WordPress considers me a spammer. Because I blog, and I asked for support …. Honestly? I write every word on my WORD PROCESSOR. Usually my macs. And I am … Continue reading

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