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The joy of business

Friends, I enjoy business. It is one of the greatest arts in the world. It is the meeting of great minds. It is freeing yourself to do your best. It is difficult, challenging, tiring, not worth the effort you put … Continue reading

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Friends, Is there any kitchen tool better than a salad spinner? I don’t think so. Wayne

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Originally posted on honeynhero:
Let’s first get the things out. We started from the Yosemite Valley floor at 7:16AM and finished at 9:42 PM to hike the round trip to the summit of Yosemite Half Dome, in a total of 14…

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You liked my post about food?

Friends, That is amazing to me! You hadn’t even seen what I ate for dinner?  And you liked it? OK. This took some work, because I am writing on my main Mac.  And uploaded the pics from my Mac Air … Continue reading

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Friends, I just love food. Don’t you? I have even eaten Sushi. But, I do prefer my meat cooked. I did grow up a little Mexican …. And we DO love our meat cooked. Do you LOVE food? Wayne

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Ray Bradbury died and I did not know

Friends, I didn’t know he was a Theist. His belief in God drove his writing. CNN story. I had read his books. Not all, but many. And I never thought of him as a Believer of God. Now to be … Continue reading

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Adele is inspiring us all!

Friends, Here is an excellent example of a life turned around. We often focus upon emotional or spiritual transformations as life turn-arounds. But, a physical transformation is just as liberating. At Adele’s current turn-around she is on trajectory to change … Continue reading

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What is equality in Hollywood?

Friends, There is no equality in Hollywood. Either you are a cheap whore, gay, or jewish or you ain’t welcome. At least you are not welcome much. I noticed real quickly that people trying to make it in Hollywood felt … Continue reading

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Why is this sustainable living?

Friends, Our media is full of IDIOTS. Excuse me for the rant, but they call this article an article on sustainable living: sustainable castle. It is EMPTY. It is NOT being used. How is empty junk standing up and resembling … Continue reading

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Better off in a pine box?

Friends, I thought of this song by Doug Stone, ‘Better off in a pine box.’ I don’t know how long it will be on Youtube, but it is here right now, Better off in a pine box. I don’t know … Continue reading

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