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“Change is good, Sir!”

Friends, This is dedicated to the Black Knights. Have you ever had one of those moments? I did once. It was ‘zero-five-thirty’ in the morning. I walked into the office of my unit. I was (OK, ‘we’ were) stationed in … Continue reading

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What is USA’s defense worth?

Friends, I had a comment which made me think. And then I ask? What is the defense of the USA worth? And why aren’t we paying more for our defense? OK. We have the highest defense spending per capita in … Continue reading

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Angry Democrats ATTACK veterans

Friends, Angry Democrats have wasted so much money, they fear making cuts to their pay-off programs to unions and other activists (ACORN?). They know if they make the cuts they must make they will lose votes. So, they are attacking … Continue reading

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White house is two-faced about terrorism

Friends, The White House claimed today that it does not negotiate with terrorists ….. White House won’t negotiate. Then what were they doing for the last year? White House was negotiating with terrorists. Don’t get me wrong, I want SGT … Continue reading


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Will Obama pay for his campaign trip?

Friends, Obama just made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to celebrate his assassination of Osama. Did I place the b and s in the right name, I still laugh when the Media mixes the two of them up. This doesn’t … Continue reading

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What is the war really about?

Friends, Al-Qaeda operatives were caught in Germany. They had recordings hidden in pornography tapes. The recordings indicated long-term and short-term goals for Al-Qaeda. Why are they fighting us? Why are we fighting them? What is the war about? Why did … Continue reading

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America prepares to attack America

Friends, I read about this on the web. Then I read up on it. And while this post covered the topic well, it did sound a little crazy to me. But, I read the link at and before Congress. While … Continue reading

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Media says nuclear war is great!

Friends, Trying to get a short headline is not easy. So, I exaggerated a little bit, but I did not exaggerate enough to make me feel great. The media is reporting Pakistan’s missile launch a good thing. Last week they … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech denied for US Marine

Friends, This is a difficult topic for me. There are two sides to this problem. One side is genuine Freedom of Speech, and on the other side is Discipline of the Troops. US Marine Sergeant disrespected Obama. I know the … Continue reading

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The blame game

Friends, Why is blame such an easy thing to do? Don’t misunderstand me. I make mistakes. But, when I make a mistake, I take credit for my mistakes. And honestly? I am not talking about the Political lack of responsibility, … Continue reading

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