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I apologize for WordPress being so slow

Friends, WordPress is having issues. And I apologize for it impacting your user experience. I have no control over their software. I am thinking about moving my site to a different host, because of their refusal to fix their software. … Continue reading

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Am I an American?

Friends, I wanted to title this, “I am an American.” But, that would imply accepting a definition which was changed. So, if I say, “I am an American, what does it mean to be an American?” Well, we could stick … Continue reading

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Friends? Am I a skeptic?

Friends, Reading around the blogosphere, I found this Skeptic blog. I did NOT read every word. But, I read the point he was trying to make. And I HOPE I render his point better than he did. We often mistake … Continue reading

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Americans stand against Obama in Wisconsin

Friends, Just yesterday, reporters wrote about Obama spending 10 million dollars of HIS CAMPAIGN money in Wisconsin on a governor’s race. Which BTW is in my view, embezzlement. The money is supposed to be spent on HIS campaign. Americans voted … Continue reading

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