Why did I name my blog Luvsiesous?


I just noticed someone looking up “what is luvsiesous.”

So, I guess I should explain?

It is a combined word. It is Luvs Iesous. Luvs is for Loves, and Iesous is Greek for Jesus. So, it is a way to indicate that “I love Jesus.” And at the same time, I hope it is not quite that cheesy.

I hope there are no surprises there.

But, with all of my international readers, it is important to be clear for them. And yes, I am getting huge international hits. 30 from Korea yesterday and almost thirty today. So, unless they are ‘tunneling,’ I am getting quite a few hits from around the world.

Again, thank you,


(*) ‘tunneling’ is a computer term. You can create a virtual tunnel to another location. And you can seem to be in ‘Korea’ when you are in Los Angeles for example. But, I don’t think very many people do that.


2 Responses to Why did I name my blog Luvsiesous?

  1. kendog says:

    Read you on Wesh. Curious what city do you live in and some background. I know very well vets medical issues. I liked the abortion verses murder blog.

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