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NASA and BBC lie about Earth like planets.

Friends, I wrote about Science misrepresenting reality, or truth. And it was interesting to read from a comment that we should expect reporters to sensationalize data. And that does not mean Science lied. OK. Now NASA and BBC report that … Continue reading

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Will Scientists admit they broke Physics?

Fellow internet pilgrims, Science has found a galaxy 30 billion light years away, and the galaxy is only 13 billion years old. Therefore the light travelled 30 billion light years in 13 billion years, almost 3 times the speed of … Continue reading

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Why do scientists hate God?

Why are we constantly told ‘Science’ and ‘Faith’ cannot co-exist? Even as people put ‘co-exist’ stickers on their cars telling us, ‘Christianity’ must co-exist with all the other Religions. I just wrote about Scientists who believe in God, and in … Continue reading

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Scientists DO believe in God.

The BBC reported on Scientists who believe in God. Not all of them are ‘dead.’ Ironically, we are always told all, or almost all, scientists disbelieve God. But, research shows the opposite. Ironic. Don’t you think? Wayne

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Curiousity landed

Friends, I am not sure I like the price tag, but Curiosity just landed on Mars. Sadly, NASA has only released pictures of their shadow. I would have thought they would have had photos up by now. Oh well, are … Continue reading

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Friends? Am I a skeptic?

Friends, Reading around the blogosphere, I found this Skeptic blog. I did NOT read every word. But, I read the point he was trying to make. And I HOPE I render his point better than he did. We often mistake … Continue reading

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Nuke sub disaster

Friends, I cannot make this up. There has been a disaster on a nuke sub in Maine. But, DON’T worry. ONLY 4 were hurt. And non-essential personnel were evacuated. OK, be happy. Nuke sub. Does it get much crazier than … Continue reading

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Friends, Every now and then, my evolutionist colleague writes a blog worth sharing. This one is a ‘video’ of earth from a geostationary satellite. I hope you enjoy as much as I. And I hope you consider it as much … Continue reading

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Famous scientist denounces evolution?

Friends, I watched Charlie Rose tonight. He continued their series on the brain. The old gentleman who is usually on this series made an astounding claim. They discussed the discovery that in gene 7, genes are duplicated incorrectly. This causes … Continue reading

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Martians – 21, AF – 0

Friends, The Air Force is getting clobbered with their new ‘stealth airplane.’ F22 News Article. It is real strange that ground crews are reporting the same things as pilots. But, that ‘could’ be psychosis. Then again, they could have a … Continue reading

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