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Why do most atheists hate Jesus?

Friends, I have often thought of this. And I still do not understand this. But, most atheists hate Jesus, the concept of Jesus, what Jesus did, and especially how people react to the life of Jesus. And I still do … Continue reading

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Friends, I am soooo tired of WordPress and their problems. I blog for specific reasons. One, you my friends and readers, READ my blog. Another, I really want to make the world a slightly better place. And blogging lets me … Continue reading

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Is Jesus real?

Friends, This is a long argued story. The history of Jesus has been challenged for most of the last century or two. But, for the previous 1800 to 1900 years, there was not argument about him being real. Caesars believed … Continue reading

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Why destroy America?

Friends, I know most of us see what is happening. But, it takes us a long time to believe what we are seeing. Each year is worse. Each generation is more ‘accepting’ than the generation before. Each generation is less … Continue reading

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The American Elite are destroying America

Friends, I notice that there is a huge divide in America. You have the rich, powerful, influential on one side surrounded by their groupies. And on the other side, you have self-made, usually God-fearing, people. Some of those people are … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury died and I did not know

Friends, I didn’t know he was a Theist. His belief in God drove his writing. CNN story. I had read his books. Not all, but many. And I never thought of him as a Believer of God. Now to be … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The New Oxonian:
The train crash that is modern mythicism is built on the train crash that was earlier mythicism. The chance of the crash happening twice in just the same way?  About 50%. In a previous…

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Change written by Eleanor

Originally posted on eleanor stenner photography:
Sin is destructive. Human desires are impure. I’ve been thinking this week about areas in my life that I must change for the sake of my Christian witness, and for the sake of glorifying the…

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Am I an American?

Friends, I wanted to title this, “I am an American.” But, that would imply accepting a definition which was changed. So, if I say, “I am an American, what does it mean to be an American?” Well, we could stick … Continue reading

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Why is the Bible so hard to read?

Friends, I have often noticed that many people have a difficult time when they read the Bible. But, they have an even harder time when they try to ‘interpret’ what they have read. WHY? There are many reasons for these … Continue reading

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