Site todo list ….


Now that I have my blog back, I can slowly start knocking off some of my todo list. I am updating this September 2013.

Here is what I am working on adding to the site in the way of features.

New number 1, I need to update my travel section.

2.  I need to add a tool bar to make it easy for the other feeds, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And add 1.  Add Google+ — Hellen, Thank you for that recommendation!

7.  I need to conduct interviews.  I need to interview a couple of authors and maybe a pastor and an atheist or two.  Who else?

8.  I need to add in audio and some (9) video — not music for the sake of music.  Although, I may give ya’ll some (10) links to online radio stations?  What genres should I link in?  Jazz?  CCM?  Country?  Russian?  Rock?

11.  I think I will try to add an RSS feed for the stock market and headline news … I told you I really was a GEEK!!!  And that was a challenge I had set for myself on my old site and never finished …. But, I may put those on the business site.

3, 4, 5 & 6 have been worked on.

3.  I need to bring back online.  And (4.) I need to link to that site.  In fact, the wordpress software is so easy, I will use wp to develop that site as a corporate blog.

5. I need to ADD pictures!!!

6.  I need to fix some bugs.  ESPECIALLY the linking issue (6b). I do not know what I did, but linking started working again. Not below.

Hahahaha. After I blogged on some of the bugs in WordPress. Some got fixed. Some others did not.

At least they listened? I know they didn’t seem to listen when I reported the issues. Oh well.


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