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Ray Bradbury died and I did not know

Friends, I didn’t know he was a Theist. His belief in God drove his writing. CNN story. I had read his books. Not all, but many. And I never thought of him as a Believer of God. Now to be … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The New Oxonian:
The train crash that is modern mythicism is built on the train crash that was earlier mythicism. The chance of the crash happening twice in just the same way?  About 50%. In a previous…

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non-Partisan Politics

Friends, How do we get back to non-Partisan Politics? OK, is there a better way to form that question? What do you think? How about “How do we get back to politicians representing Americans?” Or, “How do we get the … Continue reading

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Just write a check ….

Originally posted on petriesan:
Almost all other developed countries believe health care is a need that must be provided for their citizens. So why not us? Oh yeah.  They are socialist and we are not. They have higher taxes. Oh,…

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Friends, Gunny warns us of the coming cyber-terror that our government is preparing for, but doesn’t want us prepared for. He quotes Kaspersky (he started Kaspersky Anti Virus). He tells us that the coming war could end modern humanity. Wayne

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Another E. Coli. outbreak.

Originally posted on Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS:
ATLANTA (CNN) — Federal health officials say 14 people in six states have been sickened by the same strain of E. coli over the past couple of months. According to…

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Adele is inspiring us all!

Friends, Here is an excellent example of a life turned around. We often focus upon emotional or spiritual transformations as life turn-arounds. But, a physical transformation is just as liberating. At Adele’s current turn-around she is on trajectory to change … Continue reading

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Change written by Eleanor

Originally posted on eleanor stenner photography:
Sin is destructive. Human desires are impure. I’ve been thinking this week about areas in my life that I must change for the sake of my Christian witness, and for the sake of glorifying the…

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A good blog on blogging

Friends, I stumbled upon a good blog about 5 reasons you should blog.  And I had one odd thought come into my mind, Isn’t it odd that a blogger would not have a reblog feature? And then I thought about why … Continue reading

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More WordPress programming problems

Friends, I have maintained web sites, I admit we didn’t have as many hits as WordPress, but WordPress didn’t have that many back then either. I finally found where they moved topics to, and I went to check out the … Continue reading

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