My reading list

It was suggested that I read a web-site. In response to that, I looked at my current Amazon basket. I think my Amazon basket at any time out does a web site.

Here is my reading list. This will never be exhaustive, I have forgotten so much of what I have read on Cosmogony.

This is a working Bibliography. As I work this Bibliography up, it will be annotated when I have read a book. I have made notes on an additional 30 books from my local library. There are more books, but being source books, they are in the $100 to $200 range each. Having consumed around 100 books on the subject(s), I am getting rather decent on the subject.

Even if we do not agree on our final thesis.

And I don’t think I added any books for my next acquisition on Big Bang Cosmology ….

Ciochon, Russell L. The Human evolution source book. 2nd Ed.
Loxton, Daniel. Evolution: How we and all living things came to be.

Zimmer, Carl. Evolution: The triumph of an idea, 2002.

An interesting read. Gould’s introduction was full of his usual bile and bigotry. I find it sad when ‘professionals’ (ix) are not professional. Maybe that is why Gould called himself ‘arrogant?’ (Structure of evolutionary theory, 7)

Carrol, Sean B. The Making of the fittest: DNA and the ultimate forensic record of Evolution.
Butler, John M. Fundamentals of Forensic DNA Typing.
Coyne, Jerry A. Why Evolution Is True.

Gould, Stephen Jay. The structure of evolutionary theory. Cambridge, Mass. The Belknap Press of HUP, 2002. 1343 pp.

Gould in all of his arrogance (7). Verbose. Not the best resource for learning evolutionary theory. He reduces Darwinian evolution to three premises. Agency- the organism is the agency. Efficacy- natural selection is how evolution works upon species. Scope- All time, all life.

While I hope EvoDevo writers might rise to the intellectual level of Cosmologists, I have yet to find my hope justified.

Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be – Daniel Loxton
Keywords in Evolutionary Biology – Evelyn Fox Keller
DNA Science: A First Course, Second Edition – David Micklos
Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters – Donald R. Porter

Futuyma, Douglas. Evolution, 2nd Ed. A good read, especially for a standard university text.

Guth, Alan H. The inflationary universe: The quest for a new theory of cosmic origins.

A good read. But, it is about Cosmology and the origins of the Universe. So, it is not a light read.

Human Evolutionary Biology: Human Anatomy and Physiology from … – Arndt Von Hippel
Keywords and Concepts in Evolutionary Developmental Biology (HUP) – Brian K. Hall

Weinberg, Steven. The first three minutes: A modern view of the origin of the universe.

Why did I put this book in storage? It is one of the best I have read on Cosmology. It is a technical read. But not too difficult.

Weinberg, Steven. Cosmology.


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  1. E Long says:

    Wayne, I just looked at your site briefly. Given that you are a book lover, and that your interests include the Big Bang and cosmology, you might check out an old book (1884) written by AH Guyot (who started the Geology Department at Princeton in 1854) – Creation, or the Biblical Cosmogony in the Light of Modern Science (1884). An interesting work by a devout man who was a major scientist of his time.

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