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Friends, I have noticed that Family is under rated in the USA. And it is under utilized. There was another shooting in Seattle. Surprised? I am not surprised either. But, this guy’s brother was STUPID enough to say that the … Continue reading

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iPhone is better than Android

Friends, Sadly, most technical reviews out there are paid advertisements. And I think it even can be seen in reviews by the supposed ‘not for sale’ reviews by some of the ‘consumer’ advocates. I have had my iPhones for about … Continue reading

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What was your most memorable day?

Friends, It is evidently ‘graduation day!’ Kids are running around in their ‘Sunday best.’ Little princesses and boys on ‘good behavior.’ They run past the fountain, and then they are attracted to the noise and sparkling water. They are excited … Continue reading

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Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Friends, What is beauty? If “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” what is it? How about this? Or, this? What about these ladies? What is beauty? Wayne

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Matt LeBlanc did not age gracefully

Friends, What do you think? Did “Joey” from friends age gracefully? Or did he really star on TV in the 1960’s? Matt LeBlanc. You know what I mean? 😉 Wayne Matt LeBlanc on Wiki.

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When it all goes crazy

Friends, When that feeling gets in your stomach, like you have the flu. But, you know you don’t. What do you do. Do you think slow, or fast? Do you let out an “Oh ____?” Wayne

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When I ask for prayer, don’t quit!

Friends, A disgruntled former guest destroyed the commode down the hall. Now there are 3 floors flooded. WHEW! At least the smell is on the bottom floor. I am in a room not affected, except for no water. I think … Continue reading

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What a beautiful day!

Friends, Today is a beautiful day! God has been GREAT to us. I just pray it doesn’t get too hot, and we might get some nice slow rains here in Texas. But, it has been a beautiful day! You can … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I saw two miracles

Friends, Have you ever witnessed a miracle? Two? In 30 minutes? What a day. It was a little stressful. My lawyer woke me to tell me my check had bounced, so I headed to my bank(s). On the way, a … Continue reading

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Will China attack the Philippines?

Friends, There has been a long political and economic battle over the South China Sea. I think I already blogged on this. I may check. But, basically China claims an area about the size of the USA from other countries. … Continue reading

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