As I move to a newer Mac notebook, I must remember passwords.

Do you remember the days before passwords?

When you went into your bank and they said, “Hello fill in your name.”

Why is it we must measure success:

on leaving a store without setting off alarms?

by getting through ‘security’ without being hassled as a terrorist as the Muslims go through without being screened? [thankfully, I haven’t seen that in the last 4 years.]

when you did not have to have anti-virus software?

when you did not need 20 different passwords [okay, I think I only have 16].

when you did NOT have to lock your back door and all your windows?

Yes, I measure success in being able to remember most of my passwords. Not sure I remember all of them, but I do remember most, and even this one. Which by the way, I had not ‘used’ from my memory, because it was remembered on the other computer in 2 years.

And no, it is not easy. And it is 18 characters long.

Are you successful?



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