Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging.

OK, almost everything.

Stephanie got married …. What?  You didn’t see THAT coming?

Well, just so you know, MySpace is pretty much dead as a blog tool as well.

Over time, I will keep you up to date on what works, what did work, and what doesn’t work in blogging.

Yes, some of my great blogging friends on MySpace DID start blogging wars just to get more hits.  They got addicted to the roller-coaster ride of hits and views.  The classic rise to the top of the different categories.

And yes, I got a little dose of that.  It was one of my first weeks weeks on MySpace.  I had blogged for a couple years on Blogspot (or was it Blogger).  And I was having more views in a day than I had had in years.  The excitement was FUN!

And I had a thought, what am I doing?  Why am I blogging?  Am I doing this JUST for the page views?  Or, do I have something to COMMUNICATE?  Is this only for my “rush?”  Or, am I doing this to connect with my readers.

The next day, my page views plummeted.  From like 250 to 25 …. I do mean plummeted.  I decided that crazy “sex” blogs just to get readership was not for me – EVER.

Honestly?  That was a good experience.  I watched other bloggers say that they followed a code of conduct and then violate that code …. they violated what they said they believed.

I was glad that temptation for “fame and money” was behind me.

If there are certain areas of blogging you want addressed, just ask me!


Rule 1:  You must write — so go blog!

Rule 2:  Answer your readers’  comments!  If you are too tired to answer, then do not post a new blog.  Unless maybe that one has 500 comments you have answered.

Rule 3:  Make it your blog, do not make it a copy of my blog.  Yes, re-blog.  But, make your words your words!


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