I thought about individual pages for the terms, but there are so many terms.

I will spin off some new pages as some of the terms get special attention. Because some terms will take pages.

Big Bang already has a page.

Cosmogony is the study of how everything got here. The story in Genesis is one theory and the theory of Evolution is the other story.

Cosmology studies how the Universe got here. The Big Bang is a prevailing theory in the study of the Universe.

Expansion will eventually get a page. And I gave a paragraph to it under Big Bang. There is no way for the Universe to be as big as it is using normal, observable, Physics. So, there needed to be a theory, guess, as to how the Universe got so big, so quickly. And that guess is Expansion. In short, it is guessed that for a brief time (less than a second) all laws of Physics ceased. For that moment, the Universe expanded at an INSANE speed.

Insane speed.

And then miraculously the Expansion stopped. STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS.

If a train were traveling at Expansion speed (accelerations) and was dropped back to the current velocity of the Universe, the train would CEASE to exist. I do not mean it would fall apart, or crash. This process called Expansion is so massively powerful, that the de-acceleration was so powerful, the de-acceleration would destroy the atoms of anything that existed.

IMHO. Expansion is miraculous.

Cellular Biology. [Stub.]

EvoDevo is Evolutionary Developmental Biology and that will eventually get at least a page, because it is also a college major. So, that is a big word. But, in its simplest definition it is Evolutionary Biology, or the study of Evolution using Biology as an example.

Evolution is the ‘process’ which brought the Universe into being. Usually, people associate ‘evolution’ only with biological evolution and not with cosmic evolution.

Extinction is an overlooked aspect of Evolution. Not only mass extinctions, but continued background extinction is overlooked by most evolutionists. If you doubt me, just ask an evolutionist ‘What is extinction, and why is extinction important?’

One of the problems with evolution, that I have, is the background extinction rate. Raub does a great analysis is his book titled, Extinction. Basically, species die off faster than we are replaced. Seemingly indicating we may not evolve newer species to replace older species. Rather, it seems we may have all been here together, and then the die off began.

‘Survival of the fittest’ I may get in trouble with this definition. Because, this definition is disputed by some modern evolutionists.

Okay. This theory simply stated means that whatever survives was supposed to survive. The survivors are the better adapted. The survivors deserve to survive, but the non-surviving species do not deserve to survive.

The current view of many is that this is no longer done at the species level, but at the cellular level. DNA is considered the driving force by some. See: The Selfish gene by Dawkins.

Speciation is a difficult word to define. It should mean when one species has offspring that are a new species. However, it is usually used to indicate a new breed within a species, not a new species.



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