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I hate to whine.

Friends, You probably have read about my WordPress ‘experience.’ I hate to whine. I really do. I call wet-weather gear, and cold-weather gear, ‘snivel-gear.’ Yeah, I was one of those GI’s. But, I complain. And all of a sudden, my … Continue reading

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What should Greece teach American politics?

Friends, Greece has been bankrupt for about 4 years. The EU has kept them afloat. They are trying to inflate a bankrupt system. Why? Well …. can you say economic enslavement? It is simple. If a government bows down to … Continue reading

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If I was President

Friends, What would you do first if you were President? Do our politicians think about that? Or, do they only think about the glory? President Lincoln died an ordinary man. His glasses were held together by string. Not greed. Not … Continue reading

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Word press is having programming issues again.

Friends, This is getting old. Word press is trying to get the number of visitors up on their web statistics. And what they chose is affecting the smaller blogger in a very negative manner. All to give their preferred bloggers … Continue reading

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Better blogging software?

Friends, I am looking at new software options. I realize my problem may not be with WordPress software but with their slow servers. But, I do not feel comfortable installing a software that I am seeing b shave so badly. … Continue reading

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