How I came back to Faith – Page 2


I was asked to finish the story about what happened.

I was in my barracks room, my bedroom so to speak. But, I shared the room with two other soldiers. So, I guess it was really our bedroom.

There I was arguing with a voice. I kept trying to tell myself that I did not recognize the voice. But, I really knew that Person.

It was the same Person who had told me to slow down all those years before. Who had pushed slightly against my chest and whispered, “Slow down.” That conversation kept me off of the Rail Road track as the train occupied the space. Simple physics equations worked through my head os I sat there listening to the train over my radio.

Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It is a simple law. One object must lose. I knew I would have lost.

I knew the voice in my room was the Holy Spirit. And I knew it was time for me to submit to His authority and follow Him once again.

I knelt and prayed, “God? I have no idea who you really are anymore. I am so far away from you, I am not really even sure if it is you calling to me. You will just have to deal with my profanity, drunkenness, and a long list of other social problems. Thank you.”

It took years. But, slowly I began to trust God again. Trust is a key word in our world today. We have been so damaged by our culture, we have become strangers to God. And of course, He has become a stranger to us.

Be still and listen to that so small voice, LISTEN for the voice of Jesus calling you to follow him.



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