If you thought I was a hardliner, read what Catholics say


I have alluded to the Catholic Church and how they were infiltrated by homosexual priests who tolerated and helped rape many children, mostly young men and boys.

But, this Catholic Journal does not tread lightly. Nor can they say like I can say, “I am not a Catholic, so I have not been directly affected.”

They have been affected. And I would say they are angry.

Catholic Culture.

If you read what they wrote, do you blame them?

I think they felt betrayed, how do you think they felt?



I read some more. WOW!

Here are some quotes:

“Embezzlers are not commended for their generous service to the banking industry, yet gay priests who break their vows are routinely praised for their ministry.”

“If a groom expressed hesitations to his bride as to “sexuality and fidelity and what that means,” she would have excellent reason to doubt his sanity or good will or both–clearly a happy marriage is not in the cards. By the same token, every decent man knows when he walks through the seminary door that it’s wrong to tumble the receptionist and shower with the altar boys and stash porn in his dresser, and those who pretend to be teachers in this arena are themselves deeply confused or profoundly duplicitous. I do not dispute that there exist 25-year-olds who do not know what celibacy means, but such men are radically unfit to become deacons, priests, and bishops, and all the lectures in the world will not make them otherwise.”

“Who will name the problems for what they are and take responsibility for putting them right? The issue of accountability forces us to confront a yet more intimidating crisis, one which is easily misunderstood and which I take up with reluctance, but which must be faced squarely as an unpleasant truth.”


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