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Technology problems

Friends My recent blog seems too big to upload via phone. I will try to get closer to a tower, or ethernet. 😦 Wayne

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Why the hateful Gay agenda?

Friends, We all know someone who is ‘Gay.’ What is the big deal? Why does the gay agenda attack Christianity? Why do they try to force us to change? We did not make them gay. Wayne

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Famous scientist denounces evolution?

Friends, I watched Charlie Rose tonight. He continued their series on the brain. The old gentleman who is usually on this series made an astounding claim. They discussed the discovery that in gene 7, genes are duplicated incorrectly. This causes … Continue reading

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Tomorrow: Why IS everyone turning ‘Gay?’

Friends, As you have noticed, our President is all about helping out Gay America, at the expense of other Americans. It seems that this week, the Black Community has been offended by what he has said and done. But, the … Continue reading

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What is USA’s defense worth?

Friends, I had a comment which made me think. And then I ask? What is the defense of the USA worth? And why aren’t we paying more for our defense? OK. We have the highest defense spending per capita in … Continue reading

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Coach fired for speaking out

Friends, There is a story going around that Bryan Glover was fired for writing a song about Obama’s recklessness. It seems some claimed it was ‘racist.’ But, the song I heard did not have any references to race. It did … Continue reading

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