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Why do gays bully victims?

Friends, Why does the gay agenda bully victims? What happened to, “I am sorry?” I had a friend who was raped while we were in college. Unfortunately, I lost her friendship. It hurt me deeply. But, I never thought, “It … Continue reading

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I was attacked by a gay man

Friends, There are a couple of people who seem to think being ‘gay’ is cool. One actually wrote that they should be protected because THEY are the victims. Whew! I was a blessed one. So, now I can stand up … Continue reading

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A Great Man

Friends, What has happened to men? What happened to the man in the Western Movies? Like my grand-father? They were bigger than life. Women loved them. Women felt secure around them. Safe. Where did they go? Why is it wrong … Continue reading

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Thank God for the rain!

Friends, We really did need the rain. Even if the thunder did make it impossible to sleep, I still thank God for bringing the rain. We needed it. To many do not think to thank him for it. It is … Continue reading

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Wayne for President for one year!

Friends, Give me 376 days, I know that is one year plus eleven days. I will fix America! The extra eleven days are so, I can take a ten day vacation. Yes that is a much shorter version than the … Continue reading

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The break-in

Friends, I guess we are supposed to ‘expect it.’ But, I don’t like the violence of modern America. My neighbor just told me that there was break-in two nights ago, two houses down. They broke into the car, and they … Continue reading

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