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Originally posted on altrunomics:
The expected. My current home of Yaroslavl is part of Russia’s Golden Ring, a cluster of beautiful and ancient towns that remain a point of pride for Russians.  Just two years ago, Yaroslavl celebrated its 1,000th…

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Friends, Every now and then, my evolutionist colleague writes a blog worth sharing. This one is a ‘video’ of earth from a geostationary satellite. I hope you enjoy as much as I. And I hope you consider it as much … Continue reading

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Are blog statistics exciting?

Friends, In one word ‘yes!’ Why? Now that is a longer answer. I enjoy the unpredictability of what you (readers) like, enjoy, read, agree with, and disagree with. It is a true challenge. And it is not unlike playing the … Continue reading

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I am a “Wet Back!”

Friends, What is it about labels? Why are they so offensive? Why are we supposed to slink away in shame when someone labels us in a negative manner? I swam the river. A lot of us did that growing up. … Continue reading

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What are my top blogs?

Friends, Have you ever tried to discover what people are actually reading on your blogs? Is it as much an art as it is a science? I think so. But, what would you look at? How would you go about … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Tanimara Layla:
I have wanted to share this Art thingy with the world ever since I first saw it. I have no idea why it’s there or who’s idea it was but I think it’s funny. So…

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Terror in Ukraine

Friends, This one does not make sense. Ukraine has not been a politically motivated country. But, still terrorist spread bombs and fear throughout one of the largest cities in Ukraine…. Bomb Blasts in Ukraine. What can we do to make … Continue reading

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Terrorists bomb Italian school

Friends, The attacks upon children are relentless. In the media, from hollywood, and even the terrorists. Italian School Bombing. At least one girl has been murdered. And it is possible more will follow. I do not want to sound harsh, … Continue reading

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Beauty Queen’s photo of Kalmar Castle.

Beauty Queen’s photo of Kalmar Castle.


I stumbled upon this castle in Sweden.  You will find it on a beauty queen’s blog.

No.  seriously.  She is.



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Ethiopian Church ….

Friends, I noticed I have some readers from Ethiopia. That country (& that area of Africa) was once home to a strong center of Christianity. The Ethiopic Church was a leader in early Christianity. The centuries and the Islamization of … Continue reading

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