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Beyonce said, “NOW I know why I was born.”

Friends, Beyonce, the singer, just had a child. “Entertainment Tonight” interviewed her about her baby. Her answer? “Now I know why I was born.” Friends, that is the opposite of what the Femi-nazi movement wants us to believe. Isn’t it? … Continue reading

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My upcoming post on Gays

Friends, I have written the next post on the Gay Agenda. I am cleaning it up somewhat. I would prefer it reads a little better than most of my blogs. Expect it out in the next couple of days. Sorry … Continue reading

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Why does the media give Obama such a good report?

Friends, We are in trouble. When it became apparent Obama would win the election, our economy CRASHED in 2008. Then Obama hired the “geniuses” who orchestrated parts of the Wall Street Crash. They profited for their illegal (IMHO) practices. Then … Continue reading

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Why is the media presenting fake terror news?

Friends, ABC Nightline just presented a ‘news article’ about terrorism. A quick search of the online news showed that the ‘THREAT’ was blown out of proportion. Why try to scare Americans with FAKED news? Because Obama cannot win the election. … Continue reading

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Extremism attracts violence

Friends, Something that I learned in Church Planting, liberalism causes a lot of problems. Church Planting is where you go out and get a group of Believers, and you start a new church. Liberalism, and other forms of extremism, CAUSE … Continue reading

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