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Mean Democrats promise to starve Grandmas!

Friends, Democrats are fighting in Congress and promise to overspend money now. They know that will lead us to a crisis like Greece. They intentionally want to make their contributors rich today and starve Grandmas in the future. Why? They … Continue reading

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Occupy violence or Tea Party Patriotism?

Friends, It is becoming worse …. The media bias is terrible. The Occupy Movement (I believe they are the leftovers from the terrorist organization ACORN) is violent and aggressive. Basically, they want to leach off of the society and destroy … Continue reading

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Originally posted on STEPHANIE E. CALVET:
The historic walled city at the southernmost tip of Croatia is as exceptional from the ground as it is from the sky. Massive stone walls run high and low, encircling the Old Town of…

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White house is two-faced about terrorism

Friends, The White House claimed today that it does not negotiate with terrorists ….. White House won’t negotiate. Then what were they doing for the last year? White House was negotiating with terrorists. Don’t get me wrong, I want SGT … Continue reading

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Almost the future of photography

Friends, This is a cute new toy. Photo fun. This was one of the two best examples I found on their site, I do not remember how to get back to the other, which was a little better. You can … Continue reading

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Progressives say you don’t need a gun

Friends, A grandfather was shot to death and his son beaten by thugs. And they say you don’t need a gun to defend yourself, your family, and your property. Then don’t ask me to defend their way of life. Because … Continue reading

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Police illegally fire gun in airport, citizen arrested

Friends, I CANNOT make this stuff up. A passenger forgot he had a gun in his bags. STUPID. A policeman came to the scene, and while handling the gun he shot it inside the terminal. PROOF: Guns are not dangerous … Continue reading

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bin Laden replaced by a teacher

The FBI replaced Osama with Toth. From hunting terrorists to hunting school teachers? OK, I didn’t think it was the FBI’s job to ‘hunt’ bin Laden. And it IS their job to hunt American criminals. And it looks like this … Continue reading

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Martians – 21, AF – 0

Friends, The Air Force is getting clobbered with their new ‘stealth airplane.’ F22 News Article. It is real strange that ground crews are reporting the same things as pilots. But, that ‘could’ be psychosis. Then again, they could have a … Continue reading

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Finally! CNN supports a Republican

Friends, Politics has become CRAZY. CNN wrote an article praising and supporting Lugar. Why? Because they do NOT support Lugar. But, they wanted to attack ‘conservatives.’ They talk about the Senator as if he has a right and an obligation … Continue reading

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