The Gay Agenda attacks Freedom of Religion.

I have told you about the Gay Agenda.

They are attacking Christians for believing what the Bible says.

I informed you that the Christian Paul warned us this would happen if we turned away from God, and now we turn from God and homosexuality in on the increase. My number one blog post was on the homosexual problem in America. Viewed over 2200 times.

Honestly? I have written better posts. On better subjects, but this indicates the overall need to address the gay problem in America. And hundreds, maybe thousands, of people found my post, found it because they are searching for answers. They are not searching for answers they already have, but they are searching for answers they need to a problem they see around them.

Here are statistics about the increase in homosexual assaults in the military and homosexual assaults on college men. One in Seven young men are ‘sexually assaulted’ is a way to down play the fact that 1 in 7 were homo-sexually raped. [Sorry, but Vassar keeps changing the web address.]

Think about that. If one in seven of all men are raped, then 21 million males in America are at risk. Where is the outrage?

I informed you about the coming hate speech on Christians.

Here is a Senator raising the warning again.

I reminded people about the invasion of our churches by gay men to attack our children, and the gay agenda calls the predators pedophiles instead of gay.

Specifically, the homosexual invasion of the Catholic Priesthood.

Do you remember the Marine who was raped?


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8 Responses to The Gay Agenda attacks Freedom of Religion.

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  3. Biker on steroids says:

    You are alluding that “god” exists. The size of that delusion – that there is some superior being in control, when just a quick glance around you tells you that no one controls the puny humans on their quest to self-destruction – is what has given us the violence, the wars, teh horrors of children being torn out of their pregnant mothers or murdered before their eyes, countless women burned on the stacks for NOT being christian, torture just because you had a crooked eye and some “pope” or a “cardinal” thought you are conspiring against him, all the while he was raping his own children (pope borgia is known for doing just that to his daughter and son, and how did he manage to have legitimate children and become not just a cleric but a “pope”…???)

    For everything that is evil today we have only religion to blame.

    For everything that was wrong in the past 7 000 years, we have only religion to blame. The religious people are known to be the worst offenders when it come to homosexualism, so it is quite deplase’ to speak of religion being attacked by homos when they are its’ leaders.

    And yes, homos suck, but religion and gays combination is even worse. Just look around. See all those children raped by “priests”, the men of “god”?

    You are really on their side, you just don’t realise that.

    • Wayne says:

      It is interesting how you can blame God you do not believe exists, but do not take responsibility for the evil men you admit exist (and existed).

      Those were not men of God, they were men of evil. And they committed evil.

      Children should be protected, do you agree?


      • Meself says:

        You do not seem to be focused when reading. I blame religion and its’ dogmatic ideology. I never blamed any “god” for anything. Exactly for the reason you did manage to detect: no “god” exists. So who in their right mind would blame something that doesn’t exist?
        How difficult was for you to read this:

        “For everything that is evil today we have only religion to blame.”

        Not that non-existent “god” character. Religion. Dogma. And anyone who propagates it. 2000 years of christianity was more than enough for anyone with any brain power to realise what a horrible fallacy is religion.

        Typical reaction for a religious person. Sadly. As for the children, your question is out of context completely, and self-answering. Of course children should be protected. Let us star by closing down christian, and all other religious, schools. That is where most of violence occurs anyway. In “modern, first world” countries. And castrate pedophiles.

      • Wayne says:

        Stalin was an atheist, Mao was an atheist.

        Of the 300 to 400 million people slaughtered over the last century, more than half were directly because of atheism ….

        The violence is not in the Christian schools – that was a lame and needless attack.

        Let us instead fix the problems and protect the children. You seem to want to admit that, but for some reason fear actually committing to protecting children from this crazy epidemic.

        I think we should do more than just castrate them.

        But, we might be getting closer to agreement.


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