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What a beautiful day.

Friends, Every now and then, I just remind myself that today is great. I still am six-foot above ground instead of six-foot below ground. So, I can have a positive impact upon the world around me, and I hope, I … Continue reading

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Are many blacks racists?

Friends, This article: Roland Martin’s Article is about how black people discriminate against the darker black people. OK. I am just another Anglo guy trying to understand this craziness. Why does Martin know about all of the terminology? How is … Continue reading

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Lockerbie bomber dies

The doctors still owe the families an apology. And it would be nice to have the doctors serve out this creeps sentence …. Wayne Lockerbie bomber dies

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WOW! WordPress is making me LEARN!

Friends, I am a geek. No. Really! I am. I don’t have a pocket protector, or tape on my glasses. But, I am a computer geek. And I like to learn one way to do things and keep using that … Continue reading

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What is your favorite camera?

OK Friends, Every now and then someone tries to get me to try a Cannon again. So for my Nikon friends, I have to confess, I have a couple of Cannon Point and shoots. For my Cannon friends, I shot … Continue reading

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If you thought I was a hardliner, read what Catholics say

Friends, I have alluded to the Catholic Church and how they were infiltrated by homosexual priests who tolerated and helped rape many children, mostly young men and boys. But, this Catholic Journal does not tread lightly. Nor can they say … Continue reading

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Again? Why the hatred?

Friends, Two life long friends just tried to kill each other. One was successful, the other killed the other’s daughter. This is CRAZY. Ohio women try to kill each other. I pray for the family (ies). How do you justify … Continue reading

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Homosexual couple stages hate crime

Friends, This is CRAZY. But, I told you it was before I read this. Staged hate crime. It is crazy that heterosexuals get blamed for homosexual hate and fear. It has ALWAYS been crazy. And while I wish I could … Continue reading

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Again? Why all the anger?

Friends, What is going on in America? “We are going to hell in a hand basket.” To borrow upon a cliché. Tonight, my Russian friends and I discussed the rapidly failing American family. I described Russia as an anglo-Mexico. That … Continue reading

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