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“If it is not broke don’t fix it”

Friends, Have you ever heard, “If it is not broke don’t fix it?” Do you know the reason behind that? It is simple. You often break something when you fix it. Or, you uncover even bigger problems. So, what has … Continue reading

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Interesting Data on the War

Friends, I ran across a blog reporting combined number of casualties for the war. . I still think it is not fair to blame all the civilian deaths on the war, the friends I have had from that area have … Continue reading

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What is wrong with old-fashioned?

Friends, I just don’t get it. I read a lot of blogs.  And in the blogosphere it seems most bloggers are solidly progressive in their philosophy. I know that is not true as I talk with people.  Most extremists are … Continue reading

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Amazing photo

Friends, This picture is worth a thousand words: Saturn.

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Occupy reveals Communist connections

Friends, As Obama celebrated Osama’s assassination for May Day, the Occupy Movement went violent around the country. A terror plot stopped in Ohio, ‘ninjas’ attacked Seattle. But, what does the media want us to think? Someone else did it. Why … Continue reading

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9 year old hero

Friends, Every now and then, there is a heart-warming story. Unfortunately, this story like so many was because of tragedy. A nine-year-old boy went to school after tragedy at his home. He bravely told his teacher(s) that his family was … Continue reading

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