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America ignores the Mexico Drug War

Friends, Why does the USA ignore and encourage the Mexican Civil War? Drug War. I think that reason is a multitude of politics. First, we are actively fighting the war. We have a HUGE presence. But, our police, like all … Continue reading

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Thank you to my readers!

Friends, You make life interesting. I blog so you can read. Sometimes that means we agree. And other times that means we disagree. But, I notice that there is much more dialogue, even about difficult subjects, here than other blogs. … Continue reading

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Is Will Smith straight … ?

Friends, Will Smith slapped a reporter in Moscow. It looks like the reporter surprised the actor. And the actor thought he would get kissed on the lips. Will went MiB on him …. And said, “He is lucky I didn’t … Continue reading

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WOW This is a beautiful photo! I cannot get over the ground surface being hundreds of millions of years old …. Makes me feel young!

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ABC News Propaganda

Friends, ABC news just covered all of the unrest in Chicago …. And the ‘cute’ reporter started soft selling what was happening. How do you soft shoe terrorists, riots, and unrest? How do you make it sound like a party? … Continue reading

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Why did Homosexuality evolve?

Friends, Why is there such a strong push to say that the Bible DOES not condemn homosexuality? Because they know it did not evolve. So, they attack the other current cultural authority. First, the agenda took over psychiatry. They took … Continue reading

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Why did Religion evolve?

Friends, If God does not exist, then why did Religion evolve? Oh yes, it benefits man. But, it has often benefited the tyrants as well as the normal people. It has been controlled by the powerful, priests, popes, politicians, and … Continue reading

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When we dismiss God, we get scared

Friends, I have lived long enough to learn this moral is a great moral in every story. Fear is the absence of God’s Love. (1 John). We rebuke God. We dismiss his Love. We turn our backs upon God and … Continue reading

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Terrorists pursue the President

Friends, Did you ever think there would be a day when the President was targeted by terrorists? Not assassins …. We have seen that many times and many presidents. But, terrorists? Multiple plots? Chicago Terror Plots. Is it just because … Continue reading

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A Knights Tale

Friends, Have you seen this movie? It is fun, mocking, yet, it is a film showing a boy becoming a man. It describes the journey from nobody to somebody. Wouldn’t be something if all movies would build us up instead … Continue reading

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