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I am sick today!

Friends, I will not be blogging a lot the next couple days. My head is all swollen …. I may need to see my doctor. 😉 I am stubborn that way. Wayne

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Michael Emerson is a terrible speaker ….

Friends, I am watching Michael Emerson on “The Tavis Smiley Show.” He has a TERRIBLE voice …. And worse, he keeps almost stuttering. He almost sounds like he is on the verge of crying. At times, he seems to come … Continue reading

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In fairness, I report on the opposition. And this opposer, is a poser. Like many he claims the Bible supports his POV. But, he cannot give a verse to support his lies. Yes. He lies about the Bible. Was I … Continue reading

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My first gay friendly interview

Friends, I have always been honest to a fault. I met a young lady this evening who thought the gay agenda was ‘ok.’ Ironically, as we talked she admitted, “Most of my gay girlfriends get beat up a lot by … Continue reading

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