Evolution and Religion compared


I often get asked, “Why don’t you believe in Evolution?”

I have wanted to write on that topic for quite some time. But, that subject is technical.

Just the other night, I realized one of the main reasons I do not believe in Evolution has to do with the comparison of Evolution and Religion. I compared these two to intelligence and wisdom.

I realized this was my main problem with Evolution. Take intelligence. Everyone says they want it. Everyone envies those who are ‘intelligent.’

But, the most intelligent person in the world without wisdom goes nowhere. And a very ignorant person with some wisdom goes far.

Evolution may be correct. But, without Faith in a higher power, it is meaningless. What does it matter if I evolved? Does it even matter if I evolved from a monkey? WHICH is what I was taught in school. Yes, I know that is not correct …. but, you shouldn’t have taught me a lie.

Yes, being lied to in school still bothers me. But, that is for a different blog.

Einstein wrote something like “Religion without Science is blind and Science without Religion is lame.”

And that is really a problem in the discussion of Evolution. Evolutionary ‘Science’ is devoid of humanity. Yes, Dawkins and others try to bring in humanity. They try to ‘evolve’ a better morality. But, at the end of the discussion, we always get the same almost “Christian” viewpoint of morality.

Think about that for a moment?

Murder is wrong; Adultery is wrong; Stealing is wrong; Forgiveness is important; Other people are not guilty for the guilty person; Women are respected and protected; Children are to be protected; etc.

Accept for politically convenient legal status assigned to some progressive agendas, our Evolutionary morality is the same as Christian morality ….

So, should I listen to a whitewashed version of the morality I believe and think, “Wow! You are a genius?” Your new system copied my system of belief; and now I see the light?

I have a real problem listening to speakers (or reading writers) who tell me that there is no ‘god,’ we are no longer merely animals, so we must now evolve a better morality.

What do you think Religion did thousands of years BEFORE modern SCIENCE?

Do, you really think that I am so ignorant that I believe we were barbaric just 100 years ago?

It drives me crazy when people act like the last 100 years are the only years in human history which matter.

But, then they want me to believe humans are a million years old. Or they are a 100 thousand years old, or 20 thousand – depending upon which evolution the person believes in ….

How is it claimed by ‘scientists’ that my Bible is wrong because it has a couple of typos, but it has fewer typos than many ‘science’ books?

I hope this was not too much of a rant.

But, it makes me angry when I am told I am stupid, or ignorant, because I don’t fall for the latest ‘FAD.’ Evolution has changed so much since I was in High School. How much more will it change before they get close to being a true THEORY? Instead of the latest fad?

What do you think?

Are you tired of the Orwellian changes in our ‘Science’ which we are supposed to blindly accept?



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2 Responses to Evolution and Religion compared

  1. Wayne says:

    Well, I thought this was pretty close, “Evolutionary ‘Science’ is devoid of humanity. Yes, Dawkins and others try to bring in humanity. They try to ‘evolve’ a better morality. But, at the end of the discussion, we always get the same almost “Christian” viewpoint of morality.”

  2. Just to be clear about this, your post doesn’t contain any discussion of evolution. None whatsoever.

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