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Online Public School?

Friends, Will online public schools help fix our public school problems? If we educate our children at home, would that reduce school violence? Would it reduce the rapes of children by ‘teachers?’ Would it reduce the outrageous costs of ‘new’ … Continue reading

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Terrorists bomb Italian school

Friends, The attacks upon children are relentless. In the media, from hollywood, and even the terrorists. Italian School Bombing. At least one girl has been murdered. And it is possible more will follow. I do not want to sound harsh, … Continue reading

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9 year old hero

Friends, Every now and then, there is a heart-warming story. Unfortunately, this story like so many was because of tragedy. A nine-year-old boy went to school after tragedy at his home. He bravely told his teacher(s) that his family was … Continue reading

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Evolution and Religion compared

Friends, I often get asked, “Why don’t you believe in Evolution?” I have wanted to write on that topic for quite some time. But, that subject is technical. Just the other night, I realized one of the main reasons I … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman on Blame

Friends, This is the first video I will place up by Milton Friedman relating to blame. I found this, and I was stunned by the economic reality of blame. And in one of his other videos, he stated that no … Continue reading

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Student Spikes Teacher’s Drink

Teachers! Beware of your students! This kids was evil! Friends, What do you think? Wayne

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What is in it for ME? Part 2 of the 6 W’s for Bloggers.

WIFM FM Radio …. I was taught this in a teaching class …. the Canadian Instructor was hilarious, and that is a story for later. When you are blogging, or telling your story, there is always a “what.” We think … Continue reading

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Hello World, Once Again.

How many times have I written that line of code?  Way too many to remember. And how many times have a started a new blog?  I think that is 4. Well world, we are back.  And this time, I hope … Continue reading

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