Why is sex outside of marriage bad?

What do you think?


I have talked with a LOT of people. Yes, I am in just one area of the country. But, I have had the privilege of speaking with people around the world.

And the one thing I have noticed is that almost everyone disagrees with POP CULTURE and HOLLYWOOD’s depiction of sex and marriage.

At first, I was surprised. At first, I was genuinely shocked.

But, then I thought about it.

I went to college. I roomed with a bunch of men. I wanted sex. I couldn’t even get a date, much less sex most of the time …. so the stresses of biology confused my dating attempts.

A massively broken heart didn’t help.

Slowly putting the pieces back together took a long time. But, I knew by then, I wanted a woman. As in singular, not plural.

I wanted my soul-mate.

That is the part Hollywood uses to capture our attention. The use the good parts of marriage to get our attention, and then they make it bad. They make the good into bad for two reasons; first, it makes for exciting plots; adultery and murder are more exciting than a couple just going through life; and second, they want to change our culture. They want to corrupt us.

Over the last couple of years, I have realized their brain-washing has begun to backfire. Many people I speak with are tired of the failure of marriage. Most people are. Most people realize that sex is better inside of a marriage than outside of a marriage.

And the disease rate is lower. What a surprise.

So, why is sex outside of marriage ‘bad?’

It degrades the excitement of having just one significant other, it distracts you. Especially men and women. We are both distracted differently. But, brain scans show we do much better with just one partner to be excited by.

It makes marriage cheaper, as in tawdry.

It spreads disease.

It encourages organized crime.

It devastates many people. The broken-hearted are much more damaged if they were sexually involved than if they were not. It becomes like a divorce.

It is based upon deceit. Seduction is seldom honest. If it was ‘honest’ it would marry the girl ….

It does not give children a good home-life. Agree with me that list is LONG.

So, why was it so easy to change the way we viewed sex outside of marriage in the 1950’s to this tawdry view of it today?

IT WAS NOT EASY. Hollywood, the progressive agenda, the Media, university professors, and others all colluded together to change what we believed over a 60 year period of time.


Because Kinsey destroyed what they WANTED to believe was good for them. So, they decided the way to fix their guilt was to change EVERYONE. OK, that is my interpretation of the events. I can not prove their motive. But, Kinsey was a tsunami that swept across their desolate islands of belief they had built for themselves. And their reaction was intense and long-lasting. You will have to trust my memory on that, or go back and read some magazines about Kinsey.

So, the result?

We live in an era where almost nobody lives a ‘good’ life. In a time when it is so difficult to find someone good, everyone accepts the very worst people they can find.

And that leaves almost everyone miserable.

IMHO. Miserable might be hyperbole, exaggeration.

But, the studies show that sex is much better in a good conservative marriage (conservative is not just a political term). Women need security in a relationship to fully blossom. And so do MEN.

MEN do much better in stable marriages than we do jumping from one night stand to one night stand.

Can most of us begin to take a stand for good marriages?

Can we choose the better of the two? Good marriages over bad sex?

What do you think? Have we suffered long enough? Is it time to end the social experiment?



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